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@ink_slinger it doesn't even really work 100% of the time. only filters out languages on page load, not new toots.

Wife just informed the storm has taken the power out at our house.

@allan I once got calls on consecutive mornings from an "Anonymous" caller at like 6am. First day it was Immigration Canada and I was at risk of being deported, second day it was Revenue Canada, although I'm 100% positive it was the same person and when I accused him of such, he got all defensive and just kept talking. So I hung up and signed up for Ooma premier so I can block anonymous calls.

@ink_slinger I doubt if I'll ever bother to watch it. The wife isn't interested, and we've got enough other films/tv to watch that it will just never be a priority.

@jay absolutely, Baby Groot was amazing. It felt like a bit too much of a stand-alone movie in the grand MCU sense. Didn't advance the Infinity War storyline at all, they're basically all in the same boat as they were before. (no spoilers) You think something cool happens with StarLord, only to find out that he can't keep it at the end. Still great, but yeah, just not quite as great.

@jay no, but did finally have a chance to go see Guardians in IMAX. It was fantastic (although I think I still preferred the first).

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@allan I guess the only reason for using that area is the number of vehicle lanes, since there aren't as many elsewhere. I'd much rather get 124 St down to 1 lane each way (it is most of the time anyway with street parking) and increase sidewalk space there.

@ink_slinger I guess there's more money to be had with a book as compared to an article. Probably easiest to just go to the bookstore, read the last chapter, and not spend the money.

@Trav1sty @ink_slinger tarp held (added more rocks in the night), and got back to sleep after closing the windows to stop the blinds from clanging around.

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@ink_slinger Although, I wonder if there's really a necessity to write an entire book called "Let Them Eat Dirt". Maybe a well written essay in Time magazine would be good enough. My kid's already eating grass, etc.

@allan too bad I never visit that area of Jasper. My office in the financial district, never need to venture out west of 109 St.

@ink_slinger @Trav1sty ugh, the wind woke me up around 2:30, which reminded me to go check on the cats to let them back in, go back to bed, have trouble getting back to sleep, the cats were restless, which made me restless and nervous about the tarp I had draped (and held down by large rocks) over our new tent trailer, so I went outside around 3:15 to check on that. All on a night when the baby sleeps through the night... mesa tired.

@ink_slinger interesting, I'd say I'm in a similar boat, but with Aukey instead of Anker.

@thurloat it was pretty good. Parents were up to give us their tent trailer and visit their grandson. Golfed, got a little pink, and the weather was beautiful before we get hit with a massive rainstorm tomorrow.

@JessSloan we're almost there too. Baby is grabbing all the handles, and there's quite a bit in our house at his level that he probably shouldn't be touching. Not to mention outlets. But it's so awesome to see him move around on his own and generally be less frustrated since he can get to things on his own now.

@ink_slinger ah, S U R V I V E, the band's, artist radio... gotcha.

weird that the artist image for S U R V I V E is the album art for Circa Survive's Juturna, a totally unrelated artist.