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@ink_slinger a coworker gave me a few suggestions such as Lazerhawk and Kavinsky. Also remembered the FarCry 3 Blood Dragon soundtrack by Power Glove is supposed to be really good. Is that radio on GPM?

@ink_slinger fair enough. Might just have to play some of the artist's "radios" on Google Play to discover some more artists.

@ink_slinger any other bands aside from the ones I posted that you've been listening to? I also really dig the Halt and Catch Fire soundtracks. (which, if you haven't watched, is a fantastic TV show about Texas' Silicon Prairie in the early 80's during the personal computing boom).

Anyone else really digging this retro 80's synthwave stuff? Ever since Stranger Things and its fantastic soundtrack, I've been listening to a lot of similar stuff. Gunship, FM-84, Waveshaper, and a few others.

@ink_slinger @jay @kepstin hopefully they make it available on iTunes/Google Play as well. The nice thing about Crave is that it's relatively cheap compared to Netflix, and you only need to subscribe for the amount of time it takes you to watch Discovery, then cancel.

@JessSloan Will it interfere with naptime? Mine's also 8.5 months!

@ink_slinger I'm biased since I grew up in Penticton and my wife is from Summerland. We'll be going back for 2 weeks in early August.

@thurloat is it expected behaviour that when replying to a toot, the compose box shows up in the far right column as well as the normal compose area?

@butlermatt That does sound like it would be hard on him. You hope his mom will keep his routine as best as possible, but if that's when she sees him, she probably wants to spend a bit more time with him. Plus she's not really the one who has to suffer the consequences.

As much as we want our kid to fit into our lives, breaking his routine usually just comes back to bite us in the ass later.

@butlermatt we do realize we're pretty lucky, particularly as he's only 8.5 months. He typically sleeps from about 8:30-5:30, then might have a nap after a snack from momma. That's why it's a little jarring to be woken up in the middle of the night. Just that break from norm. Hope your little guy figures it out soon. We know someone with an 8 year old who still comes in their room in the middle of the night. They've even put a mattress on the floor for him...

The little man made it through the night again finally. admittedly we've been lucky, but the previous 2 nights waking up at 2:30 was not overly appreciated. Teething is hard.

@jay @ink_slinger yes, in fairness the Planet of the Apes movies have been good (haven't seen Rise but Dawn was good), so hopefully that continues to be the case.

Transformers is just a cash cow at this point. This one has Optimus Prime as a BAD GUY! (or something).

@thurloat I recently bought my first mechanical keyboard for my home machine. Went with the Logitech G610 Orion Cherry MX Brown. Like it so far.

@jay it's all sequels and franchises. I'm a sucker for MCU, so I'm excited for those, but Pirates 5, Despicable Me 3, Alien 6, Mummy remake (I think that's what that's supposed to be), Cars 3, Transformers 5, Planet of the Apes reboot 3, Kingsman 2, (and maybe more) plus the ones you mentioned. Not a lot of original content.

2017 summer isn't going to be a banner year for Hollywood.

@ink_slinger yeah, I get those types of notifications too for locations near me

@thurloat that could be all it is, English in the only Allowed Language, but from time to time I do seem to see toots in other languages.