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Gave Deezer the college try for about 3-4 weeks to see if it would eventually figure out what I liked.

Turns out it didn't, and my premium trial ended so I started hearing music I didn't like coupled with ads I didn't want to hear.

Onto the next one!

@thurloat Yeah, Deever isn't great. I was using it semi-regularly, but it's AI is awful. It kept serving up endless classic rock streams which, while OK some of the time, didn't really reflect my tastes. It doesn't really seem to learn anything new after you've done the initial setup and selected artists you like from the rather limited selection it uses to try and set a baseline.

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@ink_slinger @thurloat I never tried Deezer since I'm pretty happy with Google Play Music, but since Spotify is so popular, I give it another chance every so often. And every time I do, I remember why I dislike it... the queue mechanism is just so terrible. Doesn't sound like that would necessarily be an issue for you when you just want to hit play and forget about it.

I miss the original Rdio (not whatever it became when they updated it about a year before it died).

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@captainnapalm @thurloat Of the options currently available, Google Play Music is my preferred choice. The UI is decent, the algorithm for suggesting music based on time of day, location and even weather conditions is pretty solid and it learns my tastes well. Plus, I can upload my existing music library even without a premium account.

Spotify is just OK, in my opinion.