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I've seen a couple of longer-form pieces of fiction shared here, which is kinda neat. One recently by @sydneyfalk - "from the kick-scoop giant mecha universe"

@sydneyfalk are there some other pieces of this story hanging around somewhere that I missed?


Found 'em! ^_^

Okay -- this link: has most of it, oldest at the bottom. (If you click 'older' there's a few un-CW'd bits about the kick-scoop, before I realized how long it was getting. Assuming you're that interested in the details of the mechanical stuff. ^_^ )

This setting seems like it's been easy to write, and I get the feeling these excerpts are going to end up as a published series or novel eventually. ^_^

Brendan Berg 🇨🇦 @captainnapalm

@sydneyfalk @kepstin if they're all replies to each other, then this should be a top-down view.

@captainnapalm @kepstin

I knew that possibility existed, but I also knew the link to the spot in the timeline would let kep roll back to the worldbuilding stuff that wasn't CW'd and reply-chained. (And I also know reply-chain stuff can be a little inconsistent, so I opted for more certainty despite less readability.)

But thank you ^_^ and the reply-chained bits do seem to work together. ^_^

@sydneyfalk makes sense. I'll have to sit down and go through them myself sometime!