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Spending my morning moving things around and baby proofing. The baby has decided she is not afraid anymore to pull on everything to stand, stand on her own, take steps while holding on to any edge, take steps without holding on to anything, and climb all the things. Life is getting much busier and really interesting.

Brendan Berg 🇨🇦 @captainnapalm

@JessSloan we're almost there too. Baby is grabbing all the handles, and there's quite a bit in our house at his level that he probably shouldn't be touching. Not to mention outlets. But it's so awesome to see him move around on his own and generally be less frustrated since he can get to things on his own now.

@captainnapalm Thankfully she hasn't caught on to handles yet. But she does try and pull herself up on everything. Not everything is stable. There have been a lot of bumped heads.

I definitely love watching her problem solve her way through things. Watching her little brain developing.