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Anyone else really digging this retro 80's synthwave stuff? Ever since Stranger Things and its fantastic soundtrack, I've been listening to a lot of similar stuff. Gunship, FM-84, Waveshaper, and a few others.

@ink_slinger any other bands aside from the ones I posted that you've been listening to? I also really dig the Halt and Catch Fire soundtracks. (which, if you haven't watched, is a fantastic TV show about Texas' Silicon Prairie in the early 80's during the personal computing boom).

@captainnapalm I've mostly been finding playlists on Spotify and Google Play, so I couldn't tell you the names of bands, unfortunately. It tends to be the kind of music I listen when I'm working, so I don't break my flow to glance at the player unless I *really* want to add a track to my favourites.

@ink_slinger fair enough. Might just have to play some of the artist's "radios" on Google Play to discover some more artists.

@captainnapalm That's what I've been doing. "S U R V I V E Radio" is a good/obvious starting point to go down the rabbit hole. I'm listening to it right now, in fact.

@ink_slinger a coworker gave me a few suggestions such as Lazerhawk and Kavinsky. Also remembered the FarCry 3 Blood Dragon soundtrack by Power Glove is supposed to be really good. Is that radio on GPM?

Brendan Berg ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ @captainnapalm

@ink_slinger ah, S U R V I V E, the band's, artist radio... gotcha.

weird that the artist image for S U R V I V E is the album art for Circa Survive's Juturna, a totally unrelated artist.

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