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Brendan Berg 🇨🇦 @captainnapalm

@thurloat I pretty much only browse the Local timeline on, so I'm pretty much following all of the active tooters.

@thurloat yeah, two Lack Racks, chiseled out the base of the legs since they're mostly hollow, stuck a 2x2 in each leg to (mostly fill the gap).

No rail mounts, that is indeed a piece of 2x2 as a cross member for the server to sit on (front and back). Didn't actually screw the server or UPS into the legs yet. Supported the base with 1/2" plywood since the UPS is 62 lbs!

Can't take credit for the design, saw a couple videos on youtube. Also planning a shelf or two for storage.

@JessSloan that's awesome! looks like fun! I'll have to tell my wife about that for something to do with our son!

@ink_slinger completely agree. the thumbnails are weirdly sized, and the lag to open the picture when clicked on is a bit frustrating.

Spent a sick day (during baby's naps) building a Lack Rack for my home server. Admittedly wasn't overly complicated, but noticed a few areas for improvement already, but that will have to wait. Step 1 was to get my new rackmount UPS and home server into the rack, step 2 will be to deal with cable management and potentially moving my patch panel/switch into the rack.

Not sure how quickly this will happen, but I just bought a rackmount UPS, and it's HEAVY. Was planning to place it on top of my server, but will need to place it under. As such, I'm not in need of a server rack, and since even a small one is in the hundreds of dollars to acquire (unless you're lucky and catch a deal on ebay/craigslist/kijiji), I'm planning on building a LackRack, very much like this one:

@ink_slinger well, the Okanagan Provincial Parks are very nice, but usually book up QUICKLY (between Summerland and Peachland), Banbury Green (on Skaha Lake) was a favourite as a kid, and the only other spot I've ever camped is Bear Creek, but I was young and don't remember, but I've heard good things.

@thurloat @Trav1sty yeah, there's nothing about this phone that makes me scream, I MUST HAVE THIS. If anything, depending on the company's stability, I would be less likely to buy it on the off chance it ends up being unsupported.

@jay I hope it's fun, and I think that's maybe a fair expectation. The Rock has rarely put a foot wrong in the past few years (although I did NOT like Central Intelligence, his overacting killed it for me).

@jay i think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who thought Baywatch was going to be a critical success. Despite the fact I'll probably never see it, I wouldn't go in with high expectations, and just hope the action sequences are at least decent.

@JessSloan @butlermatt @thurloat and here I thought "crows" was just a term for a type of person at concerts... 😆

@thurloat do I get a fancy "Official Moosetodonian" banner for donating?

Yep, definitely fell asleep for a minute or two during a lunch n learn. Getting up around 2:30 and staying awake for about an hour these past 2 nights in a row seems to be messing with my circadian rhythm.

@allan haha, well, it's not SO far fetched. Just gotta go the Tesla solar tiles -> Tesla PowerWall route and I'd be almost completely off the grid, which is essentially it's own UPS!

@JessSloan thankfully it started to clear up in the evening and it's a bright sunny day today (although I don't think it's supposed to get too hot).

@ink_slinger @thurloat I never tried Deezer since I'm pretty happy with Google Play Music, but since Spotify is so popular, I give it another chance every so often. And every time I do, I remember why I dislike it... the queue mechanism is just so terrible. Doesn't sound like that would necessarily be an issue for you when you just want to hit play and forget about it.

I miss the original Rdio (not whatever it became when they updated it about a year before it died).

Suffered 2 power outages in the past 24 hours. Yesterday afternoon during the storm, and for about 3 minutes last night around 2am. Time to invent in a UPS for my home server.

@sydneyfalk makes sense. I'll have to sit down and go through them myself sometime!