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@varx this is true. I would like to say that's beneath me, but who am I kidding?

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I put in my birth year into this

and got bacterial vaginosis, carbo-load, guac, and lap dancing. A good year.

@kai all 15? you have an ambitious evening ahead of you...

I've asked this before but where's a nice place in Canada for a queer person to live that's not too expensive


@kai that's sounds cool, or I guess warm, I want to check that out

This, this is what legalization has done to us.

Burning things indoors, in an apartment, probably won't go over well. But my place has radiant heating anyways so I could just route that through the kΓ ng instead for the same effect.

Downside is that I would never want to get out of bed in the winter πŸ€”

I'm reading a book about life in rural Manchuria and it really sells the kΓ ng ( η‚• ) as a wonderful piece of living room furniture. I kinda want one now... I need a new couch anyways...

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I bought a bottle of wine for a thing this evening because the label is a hot shirtless dude. The liquor store clerk gave me a look.

@ink_slinger my mom got me one a while ago that is rfid blocking (apparently this is a thing one needs in our crap future) if you want to borrow it.

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@ink_slinger @Modern_Industrial I was thinking more about all the people who drink at bars, restaurants, or wherever and then self judge whether or not they are too tipsy to drive. In my experience that is by far the norm. Nobody drives to a restaurant, has a glass of wine, and then gets a cab home.

That kind of cultural knowledge of "how much is too much" kind of doesn't exist for the devil's lettuce

@ink_slinger @Modern_Industrial yeah, here we're already prohibited from bringing booze on site (along with drinking on site) so it's pretty reasonable to just add jazz cabbage to the list of intoxicants we're not allowed to have.

I'm interested to see how this is going to work once edibles arrive. Presumably restaurants and cafes will want to get in on that, but in a city that's built around the car and no real roadside tests yet...that seems problematic.