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I wish the hold system at the library was better. It's kind of feast or famine, you want to put things on hold asap so you get in line then boom you have a pile of books to read that you can't renew (because there are active holds).

I wish instead one put in their prioritized list of "To Reads" and it instead did a smarter job of allocating each person at least one book.

Allan ๐Ÿ“Š @allan

Like if I have a book out and a hold comes available maybe kick it down to the next person with nothing to read. Me hoarding books I'm not reading while others wait is bad.

I feel like this is a classic discrete optimization problem I already saw in class, just gussied up in a different way.

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I'm talking specifically about the ebooks system, which in a sensible world wouldn't even have limits on the number of books people could check out (the marginal cost of making digital copies is essentially $0).

@allan I can't help but feel Something Is Wrong with the way publishers handle licensing for library ebooks. No one is winning but publishers. Overdrive looks like it crawled out of Windows 95, Hoopla can't return to the last page I was reading, and only rich libraries can even afford a selection of ebooks in the first place.

@UberTumbleweed Libby works pretty well for me, even syncing across multiple devices.

But yeah, I don't believe DRM did anything about piracy (just check out any torrent site to see how easily it's broken) all it has accomplished is crippling library's ability to provide services.

Which, let's face it, was probably what publishers wanted all along.