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Allan ๐Ÿ“Š @allan

Just for Laughs is an interesting choice for the TVs at the STI clinic.

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@allan For comparison, when I was at my GP's office the other day, it was Criminal Minds that was being shown!

@Supernova it would be better if that was playing at a therapists, but also yikes!

@allan Yeah... I don't think anyone was paying attention, fortunately, including the number of kids that were there!

@Supernova for some strange reason serial killers brutally murdering people is generally considered not kid friendly. I blame helicopter parents.

@allan Just for Laughs Gags would be worse. (Even worse, of course, would be filming an episode of Gags at the STI clinic.)

@ink_slinger that could be either really funny or just horrific with a razor sharp line between them