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Finally looked at the proposed transit routes for 2020.

My parents bought this property in 1979 because of the bus route. In 2020, service will become notably less than it was 40 years ago.

But the population along the route has increased by THOUSANDS of people since 1979, including at least three low-income housing projects each with over 200 residents.

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@UberTumbleweed this is pretty consistent with ETS, whose vision seems to be pushing everyone who was still using ETS to give up and drive themselves

@allan Yeah, I'm a 22 minute drive from work, and am out of the house 6:30am-5:40pm for a 7.5 hour shift because of transit. I can expect at least 15min more each way with the new routes, since my transfers will at least double.

I knew the new system would be bad but I was not expecting pre-1980 levels of bad.