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Will Couper @William_Couper

Something happened on Mastodon. Is it still rumbling?

Happy new year, all you fine people!

Almost the end of another year. What have I done? Er...

Twitter is such a snake pit that you have to be extremely careful and often vague in what you say.

Seeing people unapologetically hurt other people for laughs is one of the most uncomfortable things in the world for me.

Does Mark Millar know Kevin Smith never finishes comics projects?

Okay. Okay. I'm going to do a thing.

@moali That's awkward. Kinda sounds like you might be on the other side of what I'm talking about. If that person is utterly lacking in self-awareness, at least.

@vertigojones There's always that suspicion. Doesn't make it any less baffling.

Extremely unhappy that the Iconic Masters draft didn't fire today.

@moali It doesn't bother me day-to-day, it only makes me think if I stumble across them in a new place.

Especially if they are someone who often pops up in the same circles as you do.

On social media have you ever got the feeling someone has a problem with you? They don't interact with you at all and you can't work why or how they might not like you. Anybody have that?

@moali Ahoy, good sir! I am TIRED. How goes it with yourself?

@chuckwendig I spackled nothing! NOTHING! I don't care what you've been told. Those people are out to sully my good name!