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UberTumbleweed @UberTumbleweed

Oh, what's that I'm doing?

Just working Jonas Brothers lyrics into a discussion about medieval sock heel construction.

why? what are you doing?

I didn't realize this was an ooey gooey romance when I started but I'm invested now, lopsided bowties and all. I can't escape it.

I'm 9 episodes in, and my favourite male character is long dead and the hottest female character is clearly being set up to die dramatically to advance her lover's emotional journey.

and I can't quit it

Me watching a Turkish romance about Russian nobles in WWI: YOUR BOWTIE IS LOPSIDED SO I HOPE THE BOLSHEVIKS GET YOU.

I have priorities okay.

I have a feeling I'm not going to get too much knitting done with the new set of needles I had delivered today.
(pictured: a crochet hook sitting on top of bright green yarn, inside a shipping box)

What is happening today? This bus normally takes 40 minutes to go 70 blocks, and at 45 minutes today we've gone 9 blocks.

I should have snacked before I left work.

They have finally replaced the broken Keurig at work so today, just this once, EVERYBODY LIVES.

Not that I'm counting or anything, but it is exactly 88 days until I have insurance to see someone about my fucked up jaw that stops me from sleeping and eating well.

Settling in for my Royal Canadian Air Farce. damn, I miss this as a regular show.

Today I high-fived a lot of people at work with my hairy lady pits on full display, and this is the energy I want to take into 2019.

My oven is done with life. It has always sucked because it only speaks Fahrenheit but today it went up to 550 when set to 175. That's a problem we can't work through.

Baby trans question, maybe tmi Show more

I need one single thing from Canadian Tire.

but it's Boxing Day.

But I'm out of double-strength cleaning vinegar for laundry.

but it's Boxing Day at Canadian Tire.

I just realized that my aunt, who is a fabulous wonderful but overall rather dim person, and who is a secretary, took her husband's name when they got married.

She is now Mrs. Wiggins.

I am not one for gender-based honorific titles in the workplace but I can't help hoping her boss calls her Mrs. Wiggins.

Duolingo always knows how to pick me up after a trip through birdsite.

COWORKER: Your hair looks really great today!

ME: Thanks, I haven't even combed it since Sunday.

COWORKER: It's only Wednesday, eh?

“A developed country is not when the poor have cars. It is when the rich use public transportation.” Gustavo Petro, socialist candidate for Colombian presidency

@allan Wow, and my old league was just full of "vaccines are a conspiracy" folks.

A product on our order form has had "cock" instead of "cook" for 15 months, and if anyone has noticed they have not told me.

When you have all the natural tact of a drunken moose, and you're still on your first-90-days probation, and somehow you have to tell a coworker with 25 years seniority that you know she's lying about work to you.

Mondays, eh?

Happy Holidays from DS9

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