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UberTumbleweed @UberTumbleweed

@UberTumbleweed this is pretty consistent with ETS, whose vision seems to be pushing everyone who was still using ETS to give up and drive themselves

@allan Yeah, I'm a 22 minute drive from work, and am out of the house 6:30am-5:40pm for a 7.5 hour shift because of transit. I can expect at least 15min more each way with the new routes, since my transfers will at least double.

I knew the new system would be bad but I was not expecting pre-1980 levels of bad.

Finally looked at the proposed transit routes for 2020.

My parents bought this property in 1979 because of the bus route. In 2020, service will become notably less than it was 40 years ago.

But the population along the route has increased by THOUSANDS of people since 1979, including at least three low-income housing projects each with over 200 residents.

@Shadejackrabbit I think she actually just threw the die right off the table.

I am not sure how dumb she thinks I am, because all I had to do was select-all and switch to black text to show...she literally did none of the work.

Coworker I'm training: "No, I did ALL that work on Friday. I just did it in white text so we can't see it in Excel."


Have I been happy enough at this job to write a resume, c&p all the info into an application form with 20 gazillion cells with a too-low character limit, and then attach the resume with all the nicely formatted info?

Applying for the job you are already in is a specific type of soul sucking even without web application soul sucking.

ME: oh wow, I need to go back in the closet at work to prevent problems with the higher-ups.

COWORKERS I ACTUALY WISH I COULD BE REAL FRIENDS WITH: This is the perfect time to send a FB friend request!

@allan I can't help but feel Something Is Wrong with the way publishers handle licensing for library ebooks. No one is winning but publishers. Overdrive looks like it crawled out of Windows 95, Hoopla can't return to the last page I was reading, and only rich libraries can even afford a selection of ebooks in the first place.

I have had leisurely breakfasts of coffee and homemade crepes two days in a row. I haven't had to feed anyone else or hassle them into taking their meds. I could get used to this.

The best thing I read today:
Floating plant beds to clean up a highly polluted city river canal.


@JenXer I'm staring at my almost-done mitts contemplating frogging back to that point now. It's a brilliant mod.

Every human I'm responsible for the care and feeding (and laundry, so much laundry) of is out of the house until 5pm Sunday.

It is just me and the dogs and the TV and the knitting and the coffee and the nutella. Happiness only.

@ink_slinger Dropkick Murphys has several pro-union songs, some of which are story-songs and some of which are just "fuck yeah, workers!"
Take 'Em Down
Which Side Are You On
Worker's Song

I told the streaming service I like ska and bagpipes and Finnish metal. The stream says, "have this indie pop band that sounds like they crawled out of the 90s."

... and it's a somehow song I was strangely obsessed with during my most my ska phase in 2010.

Me, forgetting everything I have ever known: "Maybe this square will fit better into the rectangle if I rotate it 90 degrees. .... need more coffee..."

@Modern_Industrial Not practical, alas. It's 30 km away and a minimum charge of $20 each time. Probably whatever they decide to charge as overage for pickup is both cheaper and more convenient, but it'll be a financial blow.

I'd love people to make less waste, but I'm disappointed all the city's proposals do it at the expense of vulnerable residents.

Given there's a cancer survivor and a disabled person in my home, plus two other menstruating people, I am deeply unhappy about the proposed changes to the waste collection.

110L containers collected biweekly? We fill one 90L bin *weekly * with ONLY incontinence products. Disability means we're over the bin even if we never make a single other piece of garbage ever.

(Also woah, the smell in summer with biweekly collection will be SOMETHING.)

I am stoked for Winamp to come back.

My number 1 favourite winamp feature was that you could shuffle a playlist and it would fucking stay in that order until you deliberately changed it. I never understood why Apple refused to have that functionality. It just seemed so basic to me.

An older male colleague just passed me on the way to lunch and asked, "Who let you out of your kennel?"

Men, never compare the women you work with to dogs.