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@keithzg ... yikes. Wow. That's a thing someone actually wrote into a policy. Woah.

I'm taking a women-only Intro to Mountaineering trip/course in July and wow, is good gear ever expensive. The plus size used market is...sparce. So I'm leaving it for those with fewer resources than me. My wallet is crying, though.

LOLOLOL I bought a $249 jacket twice on the same day because I forgot I bought it the first time. Under two hours apart.

mountaineering problems. No more expensive shopping without my meds, I think.

I go upstairs to find my dad making the dogs' supper.

ME: "What are you doing?! They already ate!"

MOM: "Yeah, I fed them at 7!"

ME: "...I fed them at 6..."

THE DOGS: "sigh. another failed mission."

@andr5as I'm thinking Maclaren's gonna regret ditching Honda, and Mercedes is gonna dominate, but other than that, not much! As a Canuck, I'm really excited to see what Stroll can do outside a William's-- I hope it's good.

drinking with my friend and out of nowhere she says, "That is why I made my floral Punch More Nazis tote bag. So if I die and come back a demon, I'll know what to do. Thank you, past me!"

Big shout out to the woman who left her laptop unattended on the table at Tim Hortons for 20 minutes and returned with Taco Bell that she is shamelessly eating with her double-double.

@ink_slinger @varx @freakazoid I think, at least in Canada, things are changing re: prostate cancer. My grandad was diagnosed in 2008 (in his mid-70s) after having some mystery symptoms, but has never had treatment beyond watch and wait. My dad's was found accidentally in 2014, and was also strongly urged to choose only maintenance until it began spreading aggressively.

Both their doctors were strong advocates of active monitoring and made it a comfortable choice.

@andr5as YES! Been getting up at 6am on Sundays for it since 2002. I think I've only missed one race in the hybrid era, and that's because I was literally in a car crash.

never been to a race yet though -- even Montreal is very very far from me.

Communist spectre is haunting Europe. That is why there are so many haunted mansions. The ghosts are upset about economic inequality.

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Alberta politics Show more

capitalists invented open floor plan offices to stop you from crying on the clock. it won't stop me

Having civil conversations with coworkers on the first Monday of daylight savings should come with hazard pay.

OH at Tims: "So when the milk comes to a boil, you put the rice in, and when the milk is gone you add the soy sauce and oh my God is it ever good. I cannot tell you."

please. do not tell me. I do not wish to know more.

@UberTumbleweed Wow, I learned a lot in a short time about frozen doors.

I think I need to redo the weather stripping, fix my storm door, and also unclog the plumbing vent pipe which will maybe lower the indoor humidity.

Now I just need to learn how to do all those things.

My door was frozen shut again, and it was a full 20 degrees warmer this morning! I feel like this means my weather proofing is no longer proofed.

Time to Google!

I'm out of coffee but the doggo who doesn't normally snuggle is snuggled up against my side and sleeping.

but I'm out of coffee...

I would like to submit that my neighbours are a million times better than your neighbours.

I have shoveled twice this winter and my dad has shoveled once. But our walk is normally bare to pavement before we even wake up.

I take a shortcut through a grassy patch to catch the bus, and one neighbour has snow blown me a path every day.

I'm in downtown for some training today and got Chicken For Lunch, which I havent had since my abusive downtown job laid me off in 2012.

It tastes like Memories of Unpaid Overtime, and I tell if she just guessed what I wanted really well or somehow remembered me after 7 years.