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@allan @trwnh The Old Reader is pretty solid too. That's what I went to when I left Feedly.

@Toxic_Flange Because we live in a male dominated world with systemic sexism. 👹

@Toxic_Flange A serious student? Is he going to furiously write those papers? Or research HARD? That's a silly statement. I'm pretty sure most everything could be done on a SERIOUS chromebook. Because studenting.

@allan 😂😂😂😂 I'm not sure that was the change they were talking about.

@allan That is the ultimate pursuing. I wish you well in your slappenings.

@ink_slinger Both of those sound great! How far are you planning to go for your hike?

@JessSloan That's how I feel about Thai food. The cravings are real.

I hate going through the kid's closet and retiring items that no longer fit. it's emotional, and reminds me how fast they're growing up. my littles aren't so little anymore. It's bittersweet.

it's that time of year when the news is full of reports of people blowing themselves up with fireworks. it's almost like these people don't realize they're playing with tiny explosive devices.

@allan It's all going to be worth it in November then. Does that mean you have a lot of 3 day weekends given your current schedule?

@JessSloan @thurloat what a great use of space. Ikea would be proud.

@Toxic_Flange Reading through that issue makes my head hurt. Are devs really that snarky with each other or is systemd a sensitive subject?

@Toxic_Flange I found the pizza one to be funny. I had no idea. Don't go down the rabbit hole @thurloat.

@JessSloan @thurloat That sounds productive! What did you do to give her space?

@allan Why not? Do you hate free time? 😂

@allan Nice. The music sounds like a good touch. Do you partake in the festivities?

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@sulli232 Hello there. How's it going?

@Taco Was it muggy after the rain? I was in Orlando a few years back and could barely breathe after the rain.

We don't have that in Seattle.