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@Pastel_ito I hope things improve for you sooner than later!

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Del cero al «Estoy haciendo el respaldo de mi computadora en un cartucho de Super Mario Bros 3» ¿qué tan pinche friki eres?

Am I the only whom refers to everyone as "dude" regardless of gender?

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So. My contract with my job came to an end rather unexpectedly. Understandably, I'm seeking out a new job ASAP.

I'd prefer second line support, junior sysadmin, or similar -- but I'm aware I don't necessarily have the right to be picky and as such I'm open to other roles too.

I'm based in Manchester UK, but open to remote.

I'm working on BSc. Computer Science from Open University. Also self-teaching C# and Python && fundamentals of Linux and Networking.

@ink_slinger But some McDonald's serve a lobster sandwhich..well in a dog style bun? Definitely NOT getting that in middle of the country..

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@thurloat TLS cert is expired..

@thurloat Its got consistency! Slack I mean.. you can scroll back on your device or desktop client.. its not all bad :)

@thurloat meh.. local folks aint all that :) most local tech people are in slack though.

@ink_slinger I'm in the market to replace my 17" mid-2010 MBPro (sadness). I'm waiting on reviews of the new AMD Ryzen Mobile based machines.. HP, Acer, ASUS are what I'm waiting on.. I think ASUS is coming out with an AMD Ryzen 7 2700U with an Nvidia card along side the Vega 10..

8/8 FIN! Maybe i'll start documenting things as encouragement..*shrug* just happy I'm able to answer "The Question" and had to share. Sorry for the verbosity Masto-fiends .. :)

7/x .. bubbles to the top of my brain as I think to being in an related job... And just like that, a year later.. I think I might finally have an answer. 42 years old and I may have finally figured out "What do you wanna do for your 2nd career track (with your life)" .. "I wanna rock" while a great answer (watch the Twisted Fucking Sister documentary on Netflix, its awesome) wasn't it. I finally have a goal and can see a path to it.. now its a question of willpower. Will see how it goes

6/x .. a spot with a good local company, with old University peers whom I hadn't seen in like nearly 20 some years. Old friends, good pay, QA working on a new GSMA ratified protocol. Cool shit, that can lead to some great learning opportunities if I can exact the willpower to forge forward eschewing some of my usual social ways:) Been at this job for about a year now, and watching friends getting excited to be at and I've got heavy FOMO on the go. "The Question" once again ...

5/x get to my point (this is my way if you know me..:) ) but the question that was asked frequently and that stumped me hard was, "Well what are you looking for? What field in are you looking to be in? What do you want to do?" .. Stopped me cold everytime. I was still reeling from being let go from a great company with really great friends and needed a job fast that was comparable to support my family. Brain was white noise for everything except "Get job, pay bills". Eventually, I got..

4/x of all things QA. Its an interesting track to get on if you've never done it before and doing it well Is not as easy as running pass/fail tests! Eventually I got laid off and man was I depressed! I started comparing myself to the people who didn't and was also pissed. I had to find a job fast. While looking in the field and still feeling majorly bummed about how I wasn't good enough to be in , Birdsite connections were massively supportive and helpful. Took a while to ...

3/x .. of things technical. The "Cloud" was up and running for a while, people were already deep into using things like Ansible/Chef/Kubernetes and I didn't have access to that kind of a platform to learn that tools and none of the local companies were interested in that to train people in all things DevOps. An opportunity came up that allowed me to work from home on Nessus plugins as a QA person. I figured learn from the bottom and work my way up. Well I learned lots, had a new appreciation ...

2/x? Throughout it all I kept an eye on all things security and hacker-y related, but it was at the periphery of things I was doing. I was never gonna be as good as the people who published stuff in phrack, 2600, dr. dobbs, etc because I just read about it, never doing anything (who wants to sit in front of a computer after working in front of one all day??). I saw that being a SysAdmin as a label was becoming more of a dead end, and I needed to move up and on. By then I was behind the curve ..