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Merry weedmas fellow Canadians! 🇨🇦

@thurloat Send them a text with your email address:)

@ink_slinger Yes! thats why i voted liberal, electoral reform would have been totally awesome! Then they shut it down, "no clear mandate from people" as designed., instead of saying "we'll continue to work on it". So pissed off at that.

@ink_slinger No idea whom to vote for .. Always voted liberal but this time I've been severly let down. I find the CPC are too US/racist supported/ like.. the NDP.. i just know they exist. Rise up green party or something else where the average age of that party is 30 and I'll vote for them young folks.

@Supernova Sometimes mint frosting is just mint frosting..

@Supernova @JessSloan Oh wait til you get to watch StoryBots.. i LOVE that show..

@Supernova @maenad flu shots are updated every 6-12 months or less depending on strains, I thought. It varies by region and hemisphere as the southern hemisphere is an indicator for what the northern hemisphere will get. Its available all year round.

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@Douglewars Are you retied Doug? Cause if so, you just made me look forward to it..

Food, body image (~) Show more

Food, body image (~) Show more

@xvu don't worry about that at all, cause companies don't care about your hope and your time.
As someone who has been interviewing people for the past week, people who turn down jobs without knowing what we had to offer is a silly tack. Do the interviews! Its a good skillset to practice and it reflects badly on you if you cancel and give a silly reason.

Planning on building a desktop, as soon as ThreadRipper 2 CPU's are available.. whee!

Trying to bring the wife into the world of password managers.. and there are tears and upset-edness, because of the difficulties of trying to change the password of a 20 year old tied to an ISP account. For someone so young, she acts like an old person sometimes..

@Nuntius Possibly the only way they knew how to email out attachments from scripts for cron jobs or something like that..

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Took me a few nights to finish this one, but it’s really super cute. I call it “Biker Chicks.” Apple Pencil in SketchBook.