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Gurjeet ✅ @Toxic_Flange

I want to build a NAS at home.. only because I got unused laptops for the brains so I'm thinking I only need a good RAID enclosure. Or a cheap computer case with lots of bays a power supply and a SATA expansion card... Anyone done this?

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.. Not enough time USING it to accomplish things. Security work, labs, learning more programming. I've been a personal MacOS user for the last 8 years now. Can't and don't want to afford that nonsense anymore.

So, new "gaming" laptop, replaced spinning rust with older SSD (Evo 840) new intel M.2 500 GB in addition arrived, what should I dual boot this with? A version of Ubuntu (hate it but necessary evil), OpenBSD may not use all capabilities.. other Linux distro? Suggestions? (what do you want to do I'm sure will be asked). Gaming/Windows is necessary, SDR hacking in *nix and SDR support are a must which is why I mentioned Ubuntu. Gentoo, arch seems like too much messing with the OS ...

@thurloat I honestly can't tell at all :D sounds nice though.. i get cold fingers typing longer.

@thurloat HP Omen 17, the lower end one. 8750H, GTX 1060, 12 gigs

I bought a new laptop! Whee!!!! God i hope i didn't make a shit choice.

@tty Each directory (a1, a2, a3.. ) was a 1.44Mb(3.5" floppy sized) and you needed most of them to get a full Slackware Linux install -

@tty Oh, you've never done Slackware over dialup I see :) @ 2400 buad == 1.44Mb ~ 1hour

I wanna build a desktop, and I'd like to try to build a ThreadRipper box and the prices for last gen TR chips seems low and reasonable.. worth it or wait and shell out for this gen's TR chip?

@thurloat It was a good time! We're thinking bedford people could get together about once a month on a tuesday for lunch.. I'll keep ya in the loop :)

@thurloat Sounds about right.. cause dentist here are ridiculously expensive.

@thurloat understandable..yeesh everyone is getting to the dentist at this time of year it seems