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Jeremy 🇨🇦 @ThatGeoGuy

Moving over my account to @thatgeoguy.

This is likely temporary as I do love Moosetodon, but until there's a server upgrade I will be posting there for the foreseeable future. I'll be moving follows etc over soon!

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@thurloat Thank you for this really thoughtful post!

I really wish there was a way I could help. I'm not exactly the best ops guy in the world, but moving out of an account always feels like moving out of a home. I'm just sad that I find myself going back to Twitter more after finding a good community here!

@thurloat seems like more and more I'm noticing accounts I follow or have seen often don't show posts anymore, because this server seems to reject newer versions of ActivityPub. I love the community but I don't know if I can stay on Moosetodon if we just get left in the past. 😥

@ink_slinger I think I've said this 100 times now but the tech behind wave actually lives in Google Docs now. It's what lets you see what others are editing as they make changes to e.g. a spreadsheet

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@ink_slinger I've just gotten started with Debian unstable this week. Mostly it's upstream arm64, and I haven't seen any audio issues yet:

That said, are you experiencing audio issues with the default install? I suspect you'll get a better sense of this on the forums, I don't know that I've used my PBP enough yet, and certainly not in the same configuration as you.

Honestly starting to get tired of how centric systemd is in the world. I use devuan as a daily driver, but it's exhausing when I have to do custom work to work around minor inconveniences.

Today was: modern versions of plex don't come with an /etc/init.d script anymore, only systemd service files. So I had to find / modify / write my own.

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@ink_slinger I sympathize hard with this, but I'm very happy with my purchase. I upgraded from a 10 year old netbook (literally from 2010) and having a 1080p screen and wild battery life is such a gamechanger.

But the fact I got through university (B.Sc and M.Sc) and a move to the States with it is a testament to how switching to Linux changed my life.

I'm kind of hoping to eventually have that same experience with a pinephone one day as well.

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@keithzg @keithzg @ink_slinger huh, super weird. Have you looked into booting a different OS on the system? I'm tempted to try and run a different Debian image, merely because I want LUKS / crypt support, but I don't know where to start.

@keithzg @ink_slinger @keithzg Aha! I just got mine today. So you just used the ANSI updater steps they outlined one the forums?