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@sconlan @ink_slinger did this recently. I seem to remember his mute lists didn't copy over, but otherwise seems like he managed fine.

@sconlan I had the same thing this week too. Mostly I'm ambivalent about it. From what I read lumens and the Stellar network have the best shot of being a usable crypto currency, but I'm not going to worry or invest time in it until I can use them reliably.

That said keybase has a great thing in their identity service and I am very much in favour of integrating it into more things.

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@CSB all dogs are good boys. All cats are living curses. Pray you don't cross a black one. 😮

Tired: new iPhone 11 Pro

Wired: PinePhone

I really really like this post. But then, I've never been able to fully kick social media either. There are social media that I wish I could get rid of, or at least use an open source / decentralized alternative.

@ink_slinger of course, I say this because their initial campaign was entirely backed on the "we build laptops, our supply chain is designed to help us build a freedom phone."

If I knew then what I know now, I probably would have laughed at that. I'm sure they would too, to be fair.

@ink_slinger I don't think that's it. I've seen a ton of negativity towards Purism recently due to a lot of people calling it vaporware. I don't necessarily agree with that but the marketing behind this whole thing is a mess.

More likely I see this as management backing themselves into a corner and then trying to compromise their way out of it. I've seen it before and it smells familiar. Goes to show their production line and supply chain are not as resilient as they thought.

@ink_slinger yeah, the whole thing is disappointing. I'm not sure what my expectations are, and seeing that I probably won't get my librem until next year, I'm seriously questioning my faith in Purism.

I've worked on shipping hardware before, and to be honest I'm not sure this "delay" is acceptable to me. 😐

@ink_slinger @msh why'd you move? Pleroma migration taking too long?

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@purism I do really wish these were US or CA keyboards, but I guess those get snatched up pretty quick.

@ink_slinger @Fairphone @purism I guess it could depend on "your use case" but in this instance that use case is running Android. Android's performance has generally gotten better over time but also try running the latest versions of android on some older units today. It's not really considered from Google's perspective so the experience generally sucks. I wonder if I can find someone with a fairphone to let me know in 5 years if it still runs the same.

@ink_slinger @Fairphone I think the fairphone project is interesting, kind of wish I could see some collaboration between them and @purism.

Although I would argue that the vision of 5+ years seems unrealistic, especially for Android. The Snapdragon 632 is going to make it look like a toaster in 5 years, mostly because this kind of cpu is a toaster today.

That's the thing about "planned obsolescence:" you gotta expect it in both HW and SW.

@ink_slinger But how do atomic clocks REALLY work? 🤔 🤔 🤔

Just kidding, Cesium isn't a crystal.

But maybe that's not too hard. I guess I'm mostly just astonished at how the most primary applications are all available, and the OS integration is fundamentally a lot stronger than either iOS or Android.

But then maybe I'm projecting. The touch controls are cool as hell though.