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Taco :taco: @Taco

@Supernova You can send some wind down here and I can send you some heat if you want. mastodon.club/media/Xz24ou4f17

@Supernova Maybe other terrible life choices get to us before liver failure? Don't really hear much about liver issues.

@Supernova We've only taken them out of one room. Other rooms we just put flooring on top of it, which isn't too bad since it's not really being disturbed. The one that we changed out I know we had some good respirators. I don't really remember what else we did, that was a while back.

@Supernova House was built in 1960 and still had the original windows. It also has asbestos floor tiles under the current flooring. So that's fun.

@Supernova we've got plenty of functional alcoholics here. Not many amongst my family or close friends though, so not a whole lot of pressure to drink. But holy cow, I've seen folks put some beers down at crawfish boils and stuff like that.

@Supernova I wouldn't mind living somewhere cooler for sure. At least now my A/C will actually shut off on all but the very hottest of days since I got the windows changed out earlier this summer.

@Supernova I was at the doctor a few weeks ago and they asked me how often I drink. I may have a drink about every one or two months. So the nurse just put "no" on the paper. I have a semi-self destructive personality with some of my other personality quirks, definitely don't want to add alcoholism to the list.

It's friggin hot here today. I went grocery shopping and it felt like a needed to take another shower after getting the groceries in the car. Heat Index was 104F (40C) but the actually temp was only 91 (32.8C). Glad my A/C isn't broken.

Good morning from the Satellite of Love.

Current mood: giddy. 😁

I feel like Alonso's move to Indycar will be announced any day now. Hint after hint keeps getting dropped.

@Supernova We have Pre-K in a lot of areas, which is equivalent to your junior kindergarten.

@Supernova I had no idea what "senior kindergarten" was so I had to look it up. I learned something new today. That's my one for today, my brain's closing up shop.

Coffeed up and ready to go. Too bad I have nowhere to go until this afternoon.

@Douglewars I predict a new golden age of cinema within this decade with all of the...interesting stories going on. I'm sure there will be plenty more to come.

@Supernova I've never seen. I'm afraid my cube might leave me. 😭

@Supernova The cube is love. Embrace the cube. Feeeeeeel the cube. Take long walks on the beach with the cube. Go to dinner with the cube then watch Cube 2: Hypercube. Watch the cube leave you for the hypercube. Bump into the cube 8 years later at the supermarket and meet the cubes two children they had with the hypercube as you think about "what might have been..."

I forgot how much a tropical storm passing by can disrupt prevailing weather patterns. It's been gray and rainy for weeks now. Last night the stars finally came out again and now I've got blue skies for days.
*checks weather*
Ok, 80% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow, so maybe just today.

@thurloat That brings red, white, & and blue tears to my eyes. I drank a bunch of food coloring last night and it really, really hurts.

o7 *salutes patriotware*

@EleventhOcean Hope you don't mind if I give you a follow, your the only one that shows up for me that has used the indycar tag in nearly a year, plus you seem to chat with my buddy @Supernova.

@Supernova It got bumped from the schedule some-odd years ago, but it's back and replacing the race at Sonoma.