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It is amazing how fast a hurricane can strengthen. Hurricane Michael is a Cat 4 with 145mph winds this morning. We already had some flooding from the storm outside of the levy system here in Louisiana and it'll be much worse for folks in its direct path. I hope everyone involved can stay as safe as possible, given the circumstances.

@Taco How close is the forecasted track to your neck of the woods?

Taco :taco: @Taco

@Supernova It skirted near us but we were never really in the forecast cone since it had formed so I wasn't hugely worried about it. We did have a nice, cool breeze yesterday. That breeze combined with high tide was enough to get some water in susceptible areas.

@Taco Ah, ok! Good to hear it's mostly kept well enough away!

@Supernova We get our fair share here while other people are out of harm's way. We've been pretty lucky for a while now. I've been through quite a few (only evacuated once for Katrina) and these things can get pretty crazy. I've been lucky that I've only had to replace an old roof and a window but I've seen plenty of flooding, trees on houses, and mobile homes overturned.