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@Supernova We get our fair share here while other people are out of harm's way. We've been pretty lucky for a while now. I've been through quite a few (only evacuated once for Katrina) and these things can get pretty crazy. I've been lucky that I've only had to replace an old roof and a window but I've seen plenty of flooding, trees on houses, and mobile homes overturned.

@Supernova It skirted near us but we were never really in the forecast cone since it had formed so I wasn't hugely worried about it. We did have a nice, cool breeze yesterday. That breeze combined with high tide was enough to get some water in susceptible areas.

@Supernova I'll pull it out of its cubbyhole and mess with it one of these days...

It is amazing how fast a hurricane can strengthen. Hurricane Michael is a Cat 4 with 145mph winds this morning. We already had some flooding from the storm outside of the levy system here in Louisiana and it'll be much worse for folks in its direct path. I hope everyone involved can stay as safe as possible, given the circumstances.

@Supernova I have to figure out how to set the time on mine again. It's running a couple of minutes fast now.

I picked up mine because when I cancelled my cable some-odd years ago I had to turn in the cable box, which showed the time. I picked the clock up and put it where the box was sitting and all was well with the world.

@Supernova Hey! I have that same clock except mine is black. It's in my living room though and I don't use the alarm on it.

This is a made up holiday I can get behind...

Happy folks. It should be International Taco Day, though.

@Toxic_Flange @thurloat Smoooooooooke Yooooooooooou.

Also, I'm pretty sure I'm a figment of my own imagination.

Another rainy morning here. Looks like it'll be about the same all weekend. I think we should build a giant umbrella over the town like how Mr. Burns blocked out the sun on The Simpsons. While I'm taking ideas from the show I think we should build a monorail as well.

@Supernova @Modern_Industrial @ink_slinger I agree, the security on that site was a little lacking as well, three security questions, which were optional and not filled out by the account creator, and no 2fa.

@Modern_Industrial @Supernova @ink_slinger They got below freezing last night so I'm going to assume they were cold. At any rate, 78 emails later from notifications, I've deleted the account.

@ink_slinger @Supernova My current instagram was salvaged from someone else creating it with my address. But I've had plenty of cases of mistaken identity as well. People have contacted me to: cater a wedding, referee a high school wrestling match, invites to various events in Europe, and order confirmations and tracking from Brazil, and probably a few more.

@Supernova North Pole, Alaska...so that's a possibility.

@Supernova She told me not to do anything that they could sue us for "defamation of character." I looked through his messages and he can't even write in complete sentences so I doubt that'll be an issue. Even still, I'm not much of the trolling type. Oh, I had gotten 60+ emails already and the accounts been open for less than 12 hours, so that's fun.

Somebody signed up for a dating site using my email address. I had the password reset and edited the profile to "I don't know my own email address" and people are still sending messages. Dating is weird.

And for you F1 folks: Ericsson lost his seat at Sauber for next year (Although it looks like he'll still be on as a test/backup driver) and is being replaced by Antonio Giovinazzi. He ran a couple of races for them last year. He'll be teammates with Kimi, so that'll be interesting.

Project complete, mailbox fixed. The 4x4 post on the inside had rotted out and was home to a colony of fire ants, so that was fun. Anchored again with a much better stake in the ground and treated lumber. I also added some fancy reflectors so nobody plows through it like they did a few years ago. Although I don't think reflectors would have helped in that case.

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