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Tonight was the first night that I thought Star Trek Discovery was clearly a better episode. I understood what The Orville was doing and it was a good story that explored love in a silly but satirical way.

Discovery was just hard core scifi. A little too busy this week though. Almost like two shows were going on at once. It wasn't bad. Just a bit disjointed. They could have made three separate episodes out of the one almost.

Anyhow if this is the worst of the two shows I have no complaints.

I haven't seen this week's The Orville yet, but that doesn't bode well after the mess that was Discovery last night...that episode just felt half baked.

I would say Discovery was half baked. There was just too much going on. It really could have been there separate episodes. Like the hair. WHAT THE WHAT!?!

Long and short a lot of cool ideas and concepts but way too rushed. All we need is an A and B plot.

There heart of the story for The Orville was entertaining. It just was a bit hokey. At least to me.

Yeah, a lot of the Klingon story was just retcon. "Here's your stupid hair and D7. Happy now??"

As for The Orville, I was smiling the entire time. Yeah, it was kinda hokey, as The Orville tends to be. But I enjoy the characters on average more than on Discovery, so a good character story is going to get a good reaction from me.
I'm finding, though, that comparing the two shows really is more an apples to oranges thing - 1/2

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@Mtony75 Star Trek these days is total space opera, while The Orville is attempting to be more sci-fi (the successfulness of it can be debated). - 2/2