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Tonight was the first night that I thought Star Trek Discovery was clearly a better episode. I understood what The Orville was doing and it was a good story that explored love in a silly but satirical way.

Discovery was just hard core scifi. A little too busy this week though. Almost like two shows were going on at once. It wasn't bad. Just a bit disjointed. They could have made three separate episodes out of the one almost.

Anyhow if this is the worst of the two shows I have no complaints.

I haven't seen this week's The Orville yet, but that doesn't bode well after the mess that was Discovery last night...that episode just felt half baked.

I would say Discovery was half baked. There was just too much going on. It really could have been there separate episodes. Like the hair. WHAT THE WHAT!?!

Long and short a lot of cool ideas and concepts but way too rushed. All we need is an A and B plot.

There heart of the story for The Orville was entertaining. It just was a bit hokey. At least to me.

Supernova @Supernova

Yeah, a lot of the Klingon story was just retcon. "Here's your stupid hair and D7. Happy now??"

As for The Orville, I was smiling the entire time. Yeah, it was kinda hokey, as The Orville tends to be. But I enjoy the characters on average more than on Discovery, so a good character story is going to get a good reaction from me.
I'm finding, though, that comparing the two shows really is more an apples to oranges thing - 1/2

@Mtony75 Star Trek these days is total space opera, while The Orville is attempting to be more sci-fi (the successfulness of it can be debated). - 2/2

They are doing scifi from two different perspectives. I don't know outside of Doctor Who if anyone has done scifi like the Orville is trying. The way Seth just throws topics that might be uncomfortable to the masses to normalize them is amazing. The love story was just a bit ... Extra. Made the doc seem desperate at times. But I saw what they were going for and it was still enjoyable.

Discovery should have a rule that any references to season one should be made in passing alone. Except for Michelle Yeoh. Hurry up and give her a spin-off already. Evil star fleet has to be done.

I'm not discouraged by the episode though. I story ideas were good in my mind. Just way too jammed into on episode. They are going to have to bring Spock back before the Midway point though.