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Supernova @Supernova

It's our unofficial (and someday official) name here! 😁

I enjoy the zero sugar ones, orange and purple especially!

Sounds like the past couple of weeks for me!



I noticed that user avatars are now loading, where they weren't before, as well as attached media.

But yeah, Fedilab is just a new name and icon. Changes, though! 🙂

Hmmm... I take Kiddo #2 to CHEO for a few days, and it seems Masta... err, Fedilab AND Moosetodon got a bit of an upgrade.

@Mtony75 Star Trek these days is total space opera, while The Orville is attempting to be more sci-fi (the successfulness of it can be debated). - 2/2

Yeah, a lot of the Klingon story was just retcon. "Here's your stupid hair and D7. Happy now??"

As for The Orville, I was smiling the entire time. Yeah, it was kinda hokey, as The Orville tends to be. But I enjoy the characters on average more than on Discovery, so a good character story is going to get a good reaction from me.
I'm finding, though, that comparing the two shows really is more an apples to oranges thing - 1/2

I haven't seen this week's The Orville yet, but that doesn't bode well after the mess that was Discovery last night...that episode just felt half baked.

We're getting there, and here's hoping the kiddos don't get it before we're better!

Still recovering from my stomach flu while now dealing with Mrs. Supernova's case of it. Fun times. 😅

Kiddo #1 is having his Tykes Winterblast Jamboree this afternoon. It's the highlight of his season.

I'm stuck in bed with a nasty stomach bug.

Someone please send sweet, gentle, death.

I've spent way too much time trying to write up how I felt about Discovery's premiere last week. Words are just failing me today. Blah. 🤣

So, what I will say is that I enjoyed it - even more on the second viewing - and I'm keen to see how this season will shake out.

(Will they have enough money though? That episode looked EXPENSIVE!)

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People are horrible.

Also, I love people.

It's all rather confusing.

@viciousviscosity Holy smokes, it's Fix It Felix! 🤣 🤣 🤣

Last night I learned about the use of "snake bite" clips in plumbing.

I wish I hadn't learned about them while they were connected to a fully pressurized water line...