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Mike @Supernova

Via his comm badge?

I always assumed it was something he carried on him, and not created .

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One of my favourite scenes in all of Star Trek...

I feel like I should be trying harder to socialize with other parents here at the arena.

The problem is, that, talking with other people in real life is HARD.

So, power ended up being restored around 4AM or so. Mrs. Supernova said she saw reports on FB ranging from blown transformers to fallen lines.

I'll always have the utmost respect for line workers doing a potentially very dangerous job amid less than optimal weather conditions.

Not quite how I wanted to wrap up my Friday - in the dark.

At least it's not just my house this time!

Yeah, I'd say they look better on me, too.

(It ain't saying much, though 😂😂😂)

@clutterandkindle Same. Going from regular men's briefs to boxer briefs (within the past year) was a freaking revelation!

Have another chocolate and peanut butter square?


It's been that kind of day.

Hmmm...perhaps I should double my Advil dosage later today and hope it punches through this congestion better...

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@thurloat I've heard about it here and there over the past couple of years. It's pretty new, all in all, and not something I've had any personal experience with yet.

Though, I would have the Kiddos take it that way, if I had a choice.

@emsenn That's by far the best way to watch it.

Any criticisms about story/characters/canon aside, it's a pretty show just to watch!

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@emsenn Well, to be fair, the last two haven't had a lot of screen time in season one (more so with Owosekun), and Tilly has formed a friendship with Stamets that's probably as strong, or more so.

I get the feeling season two is going to help with focusing on the minor characters more.

Are you planning on catching up with Discovery at some point?

@emsenn Hmmm...no....

I mean, there was the time that Dax and Kira did a holosuite program together, but that was pretty much it.

Oh, and Beverly and Deanna would sometimes work out together.

But, I wouldn't say that those friendships were super strong, or even consistent. Also, having a largely male cast in all the series up until now hasn't helped.

So...maybe we'll get Burnham and Tilly, or Detmer and Owosekun, or something...?


Let's hope so! Even I managed to get the flu last winter (I had forgotten how horrible it was).

Hopefully I can get vaccinated soon.