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Mike (Supernova) @Supernova

You know, as much as I hate climbing up, and back down from the roof, while I'm up here, I actually quite enjoy it.

So, we're home from Ottawa. My daughter is doing well and adjusting to her new (temporary) reality.

I have to say, that I hope to never have to go to CHEO for anything for my kids after this, but if they do, they will be in incredible hands. The doctors and nurses were both professional and compassionate. The services and amenities were top notch. There was never any concern about the level of care she received and my wife and I were grateful.

Now, only 49 days until that cast comes off.

@JessSloan @thurloat Heh. My wife played the he'll out of The Sims on PC. She never played by the rules, though, using god mode codes to give her all the money and things. She spent more time designing houses than actually playing!

@thurloat I had thought I would do the same with GT4 by the time I got my hands on it. Unfortunately I just wasn't in a good place in my life to dump that kind of time into it!

@thurloat Yeah, I totally lost a summer to GT2. After work at my summer job I'd just veg in front of the TV and race the nights away.

(Living at the cottage in the middle of nowhere, there wasn't many other options to pass the time!)

@thurloat I like to think of the PS2 as the last old school system before all the online stuff took over. I have such a stack of games that I never got to after the kids were born, though. But, at least if I do, I won't need an online system to make the most of it.

@Chaffinch Take care of yourself and we'll be happy to see you again when you're ready! :)

@JessSloan Gotcha. Those cons turned out not to be too bad at all!

I've got a friend that homeschools her kids and absolutely loves doing it. It's worth looking into, at the very least!

@JessSloan Quick thoughts...
Complete control of lesson plans and type of learning based on what works for your child / children

Time spent preparing lessons and teaching
Does homeschooling still have to fall under provincial curriculum guidelines?

@Chaffinch Hope you can get a good recharge this evening! 🙂

@lhuga Well, fortunately it wasn't a new cavity, at least!

@bradlibum Then, in that case, it's totally accepted in the culture of your workplace, despite what the rules may state. Bringing it up would likely not result in anything but making you look petty.

And, I HAVE worked in a situation where I was reporting to an aunt (as well as having a cousin in another department), though fortunately I was graded on my merits and not by my family ties. As long as the aunt doesn't have a say in the hiring process, it's best not to focus on it.

@bradlibum Earning your position through your own merits is far better than earning it by pushing someone else down. If you think you deserve the chance to advance, then show them why you are better for the job than the other guy!

@Chaffinch Yes! It's always good to know that a nice crowd of folks is just one click away! 😄

@Chaffinch My hunch is that there's been a general downswing in new accounts since the surge in March. I think the hype has dwindled.

But you're right - there's something to read over on the ol' Federated Timeline! 😄

@WelshPixie Oh geez, that does sound pretty bad! You all stay dry, warm, and safe!

@Chaffinch The rabbits are fairly new - there were at least two or three roaming around. Sadly, I haven't seen them in a little while now.

The ducks are pretty much annual visitors. We have a (really) low spot on our property that the snowmelt gathers in the spring and makes a surprisingly sizeable pond. So, a couple of ducks will move in and try to make a nest, then leave once it dries up. Never fails. 😆

@Chaffinch Nice shots!

We had some ducks and rabbits chilling out in our backyard for a good chunk of the spring. I wish I had the ability to get decent pictures of them, because seeing them never gets old!

@ink_slinger @Taco

It's not just one show. Looks like any Fox based programming has been disappearing from Netflix over the past while