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Canada is state of mind...as an expat Cdn in Massachusetts, I listen to a CBC podcast, and...I’m there.

I close my eyes and dream of bicycles...and bicycles...and bicycles...

Since I live my life entirely online now, I’ve decided to give my online world a name: Haligonia. It was the last physical address I lived in before the Dark settled on it. Before gentrification veiled the queer face of its artsy neighborhoods; before the plague. It was the most magical place I have ever lived.

102 year-old woman from Vancouver oldest Curling player. cbc.ca/news/canada/british-col...

Biden takes his cue from Muhammad Ali as he copes with a dope
As Ali did with Foreman, Biden has let his rival punch himself out.


Hey we’re back. Couldn’t connect w/ you for a while. Did you hear? we got rid of Donald Trump! I don’t care what happens in American politics from now on. Whatever it is, it will never be as bad as 4 years of Trump.

Started reading MindFuck by Chris Wylie. It’s blowing my mind. The whole secret to winning the Presidency was right in our faces the whole time. Obama was the first to use this strategy and technology, followed by Trump. That’s where you get the Obama/ Trump voters. And this is only the beginning of data-driven mass manipulation.

So here it is folks, I’m coming back to Canada. Halifax. This is before the US election, just so you don’t think ‘it’s because of the election.’ We all know how that’s going to turn out. No clear winner on Nov. 3 followed by Supreme Court intervention and installation of the Dictator. But I digress. No it’s more personal than that. These things always are.

Throne Speech—instead of ‘Canada’s New Direction’, it was ‘More of the Same’.

Have you noticed something? What they used to call your ‘Second Life’, your online life that was tangential to your Real Life, has now become your First Life. I work online, socialize online, go to school online, shop online, do music and everything else online. Your so-called ‘Real Life’, the place where you physically live, has now become your Second Life, tangential to your online life. It’s been reduced to the physical address where FedEx drops off the packages.

I haven’t made it to any of my Zoom appointments for the last three days. Too busy doing my own thing with music…and loving it.

@ShaunBartone Trudeau is smart. The only way to defeat the NDP in an election is to out-NDP them.

I knew it! The Liberals are going for GBI. Not only because of the pandemic but because the Oil Industry in Alberta/Sask is in a death spiral.


Peter MacKay or Erin O’Toole. I would have felt better if they had picked Peter O’Toole.

So the Conservatives are going to pick a leader tonight. I’ve only been following this story since last January. AFT. Can we move on to some less boring please?

Quite a lot of entropy lately. As soon as I clean up one mess, three more pile up around the house. PK Dick called it ‘kipple ‘– the tendency for bits and pieces of junk to replicate around your dwelling.

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@jszym March 25. Obviously it didn’t work or we would have heard about it by now. Take Vitamin D. It can a also reduce or prevent Cytokine storm. My PCP Doctor prescribed it for me.

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