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@fillertrack it's quite different in a few ways and a more involved game I'd say. but I'd say it's worth sitting on until more comes out, if you're hesitant

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If you recently got Destiny 2 cuz of the free giveaway and want some peeps to play with hmu. I run a Discord server just for Destiny. Good way to get together online or just shitpost.

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paladin: and please, if you find any texts of my order, bring them to me

necromancer, scything entire bookshelves to scrounge for loose change: sure, yeah

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please please for the sake of clarity avoid abbreviations in your CWs

@codl plus it's a lot harder to filter short content warnings, so if there's a topic somebody doesn't want to see at all, it makes it that much harder to avoid.

diablo NPC: i have never seen horrors such as these, the dead walking amongst us

necromancer, trying to stop her pet flesh golem from stealing forks: tragedy, really

diablo NPC: this town has been plagued by the undead, im so scared, thank god heroes like you are here

necromancer, stuffing her 7 skeletons into a bush: yeah heroes

how come everyone who complains about leftist group-think also all have the same zero aesthetic

my room mate bought Diablo 3 on the switch so I've been playing it with them and I love my necromancer and her 7 skeleton sons

@ink_slinger i have a special fondness for bad coffee. we have all the chains on my campus, but i still sometimes go to the cafeteria to get coffee.

chai lattes seem really popular this season, should try one myself. I love london fogs (earl gray latte).

@sconlan for a second went "what's wrong with comma seperated values"

huh this media thing I'm writing could theoretically count for nanowrimo

actually wrote a bit of stuff for this, not sure how deep I'm going or if it'll be a linear format - might enjoy the subjectivity of nonlinear

hmm haven't written a blog in a while but recent stuff has been giving me some ideas for talking about why hierarchical models of media quality are bad

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honestly, I have a hard time shitting on things I don't like, especially when I know other people like it. I find it hard enough to find people who like what I do, I'm more interested in why someone might like something than why someone else thinks it's dogshit. when I see other people being denigrating like that I just feel tired.

this is the teensiest of subtoots.

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