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The things Warmind has over Curse is that Xol is cool af and you can do some sick NBA Jam moves with the relics.

sorry if anyone was worried earlier - I'm taking some time to relax, and slowly feeling more stable.

ugh what a bad few days

my musical genres of choice are repetetive, pretentious, slutty, and Bad

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:mtgG: : big tree fuckers
:mtgB: : give me da gorbage
:mtgW: : never horny
:mtgU: : pigs
:mtgR: : I will fuckin fight you!
:mtgC: : truck nuts

hey unicode can we standardize an irony mark already

windows thinks i want about 17 consecutive notifications that i got mail upon getting home before finally declaring that i got more mail than it can report on and that's definitely the kind of relationship i need

it's my biggest disinterest in Persona (aside from the agonizing queerbaiting) despite really digging the aesthetic

I have a really hard time getting into a lot of popular Japanese media because "takes place in or around high school" is a huge bleh to me

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living with housemates is having a second non-mechanical keyboard for when somebody needs to go to bed before you

@ink_slinger Clarification: Which isn't to say that they aren't meaningful to somebody who empathizes and identifies with those labels, I mean to myself, and possibly in a more thorough diagnostic sense.

@ink_slinger Eh, in all fairness, those all require more energy than emotional: Vocal projection, organization, multitasking etc. all need other energies.

On a deeper level I struggle to think of times I really want to be *alone*, compared to most of my definitely-introverted friends, who often have times where they just don't want anybody around, even SOs. I find I rarely want to be alone.

This could be largely a failing of the labels intro/extrovert (Which I don't think are very meaningful.)