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Hades' ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Jack-o-rabbit ๐ŸŽƒ @Shadejackrabbit

@noelle I pulled a 3.2 MP Sony Cybershot out of a dumpster and it takes better pictures than my phone's garbage 7 MP

@Shadejackrabbit Your piggy bank is clearly in the wrong country.

it's that time of month where I empty my bank accounts to give it all to some company which probably is laundering international money and spend the next thirty days worrying about my future


poor: I hid money in a piggy bank instead of declaring it as income

gov: that's tax evasion, you're going to jail

rich: I hid money in a bank across the ocean instead of declaring it as income

gov: you're a benefit to society, would you like a business subsidy?

my autocorrect has multiple lengths of hmm and that makes me irrationally happy

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keep feeling like I want to rerelease a novella on itch but am extremely conflicted because

(-) it's kind of old at this point and I think I'm a better writer now
(+) I did painstakingly craft an epub because features weren't available unless I did it manually and I'm proud of that
(-) tbh I'd make it a twine novella if I wrote it now
(+) I want to get more of my work out there

...I guess I'll go for it. might edit it a lot though

@sophia I know this is a long callback but I kept saying "foolish" and "is a fool" today and this was all I could think about

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a friend of mine dropped by to borrow something last night and I forgot that I was wearing a skirt. he made no comment about it and we had a brief very pleasant chitchat so uh

big success in my books

why is my cat in the empty bath tub at 3 am and other stories

Had a great game tonight with my crew. Two months exactly since our last game, so I was extremely eager to play again. Everyone had a great time and that makes me very happy. ๐Ÿ˜„

Dungeons & Dragons is in the business of selling fantasy. Not the stuff with the magic and monsters -- the part where you *actually believe* that you and several other likeminded adults will be able to coordinate your schedules on a regular basis.

kids are calling it twitter. it's a drug website made from nazis and bad takes. the poor girl woke up the next day in the wreckage of civilization making out with an anime body-pillow.

@Modern_Industrial Thanks for the support! โ˜บ As for places/circumstances, I guess I'll have to see. Even just wearing skirts while having friends over feels like a big step for me right now.