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Luna 🌑 Lapin 🐰 @Shadejackrabbit

@ink_slinger which is weird because:

1 - the romans had plumbing considerably earlier and you would think magical institutions would at least adopt that
2 - there's a renowned collection of chamberpots at hogwarts??

i dunno i listen to a lot of podcast and 2-3 ad breaks in a 25 minute episode is a *lot*

like this is literally why i stopped listening to TV.

My fortune cookie asserts that i can talk my way out of anything and honestly i appreciate the vote of confidence

found a legit incredible blog about obscure electronic games. beautifully observed write-ups of tons of games i've never encountered, such as this 1988 game by an afro-caribbean woman about subvertng and overthrowing a slave plantation:

Freedom: Rebels in the Darkness

or a 2500+ level puzzle game that is almost literally impossible to complete:


just great

Damn i just remembered this game and how much i love it:

Retro demake of STALKER into a Tetris clone is very very cool

Was out at lunch with a bestie today and she casually referred to me as 'she' and geeze that felt affirming

If I'm pissy about being seductive does that make me saltry

I was looking at baby names and wow I sure know a lot of adults who have baby names

(Description: Lightbox saying "Bring red/blue pages")

Me: referential nerd humor is tiring and i want no part of it

Also me: myst is good

Every once and a while the Windows font service starts soft-locking, rendering entire windows without text but still remaining functional, and it feels absolutely terrifying

My energy level is just garbage today bleuhhh

God I'm gonna cry if I start thinking about One Punch Man again I'm very excited for season two

1) remember that we work hard to keep things safe but, activitypub is leaky as all hell. shit can happen like you're in a thread with someone on another instance that doesn't block a shitty nazi instance and if that instance sees that thread, it will slurp up the post. so, as nice as the fediverse can be, its still someplace you want to keep some guard up, and try to avoid giving rando assholes ammo to hurt you if you can at all

hey if you ever want to be reminded why gamers suck:

look up tips for configuring a pc game to use a controller more accurately