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i have trouble understanding lyrics in songs, which has led to two interesting scenarios:

• Realizing a song that was really bumping was also extremely problematic
• I like Shock Treatment more than Rocky Horror Picture Show because understanding the lyrics is necessary to follow the plot in Rocky Horror and nothing will help you follow the plot in Shock Treatment

@Shadejackrabbit Re: your first point, I find that I'm less able to overlook problematic lyrics than I used to be. There are a couple songs I used to just crank, even though they were deeply misogynistic, because they were so bumpin'. As I've matured, I find it far more difficult to look past the lyrics in these situations.

Shade◾Jackrabbit 🐰 @Shadejackrabbit

@ink_slinger I definitely used to be more forgiving in my teens. Well, or in general a worse person, to be honest.

It's often literal incomprehension for me though. It often takes a dozen listens before I start understanding the lyrics. Unless they start throwing slurs, I don't even notice content until after I've decided I like the melody.

It's pretty embarrassing when someone walks in like "why are you listening to a song about a bad thing" - I usually can't even make out what it's about.

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@Shadejackrabbit Yeah, I can see how that would be awkward. And, unfortunately, there's not a good solution unless you just stop listening to anything with vocals.