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Kind of disappointed that Jim Fucking Sterling Son is basically siding with the "Diablo Immortal has destroyed the franchise and everything else" crowd. But I guess any slam against Activision is a good one in his books.

Then again, he's STILL banging on about Konami is the worst for letting Kojima go and...become a free agent? Not be locked into a contract where he can't make new games? So I guess he's not immune to nerd rage.

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@Nezchan I've concluded that JFSS tends to be more critical than other editorialists, but at the end of the day is still firmly in the "Games Journo Is About Consumer Rights" camp

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Agreed. I mean he's not totally wrong. Activision and other companies do take advantage, often unfairly so, and are open for criticism. Game players, at their heart, are a consumer culture (outside of people who play free stuff) whose identity is tied up in the things they buy, so consumer rights do intersect.

But in cases like this, and his ongoing quest to find ANYTHING to attack Konami on, I'm really not on board.

@Nezchan It's certainly great for certain topics: e.g. Immoral gambling mechanics

tbh i haven't watched him in years; got tired of his fury over equal value instead of access rights. Vids on FPS caps & bad ports but rarely disability snafus. Bad archival is bad cause he can't buy old games, not cause it destroys history. EZ mode is 🆗 cause it maximizes value - a sidebar at most re: motor disability

I got sick of listening to one more man yell about video games not being perfect


Yeah, I get you on that stuff. I don't think issues like accessibility, representation and other stuff that's not straight-up consumer rights and general quality really cross his mind. Or if they do those things don't really make it to the screen.

Had an interesting discussion about how reducing difficulty levels is okay, and playing a single player game on EZ opens it up to more people to enjoy it. Interesting how you need to overcome internalized guilt to do so.