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Shade Jackrabbit 🎮🇨🇦 @Shadejackrabbit

Ugh I have, as per usual, gained insomnia from the long weekend. I guess I'll spend the long night considering what dinners to cook this week

I don't always intrude upon the sanctity of our room mate's space but when I do it's because I found the perfect Wholesome Prank to pull.

(fyi it's a horror movie household)

@ink_slinger I think replicators probably killed the consumption of real meat. Meat has so many infectious problems associated with it that from a health standpoint alone it was probably worth the switch. Plus, since meat is generally cooked, lots of room for doing your own thing post replication

It is okay for you to find joy in the technological achievements of humanity in general whilst still being uncomfortable with the structures that led to said achievements.

@ink_slinger It's probably related to that thing where people tend to assume their own actions were a result of smart choices while other people are slaves to their id.

No rich person wants to admit "I'm only healthy cause I was born into means, lol" so instead they construct these mental gyms that prove their health is a result of conscious choice.

I'm not saying that the donations that Bell puts into the mental health world aren't useful, or needed, but they certainly don't need us cheering them for literally every penny.

I'm not seeing the Gates foundation asking for likes, retweets, and hashtags to send vaccines for malaria each time.

The foundation just does it, that's doing good in the world.

LibreOffice 6.0 - You can now export Writer documents as ePub. That's really cool. (Link and hashtags behind the CW) Show more

Another season of Bell buying your email address from a random company [ specific to site] to spam you about how they're doing such good work on mental health.

Virtue signalling much? Literally wasting money buying lists of people so they can inform you of how excellent they are.

ULPT: In terms of ad campaigns, this is probably dirt cheap too. You get others to spam for you in exchange for promises of pennies donated in their name.

It's always super frustrating being like, the only person in a room which hasn't swallowed anti-union rhetoric like it's gospel.

Like who the hell is working a good enough job these days that they actually believe their employer isn't trying to fuck them?

"Mercifully the computer isn't used to sift applicants by their qualifications, though it could do this."

Shit. I wish that was remotely true today.

If it was a person reviewing my resume, instead of an algorithm, I'd get more callbacks.

(Engineers, think about how your code will be used to hurt people. Consider the implications of the things you build.)

@TheGibson @dewb Every time I return to FB it's all my IRL friends sharing screenshots of hot takes on birdsite and it is Hell.

Life should be touched, not strangled. You've got to relax, let it happen at times, and at others move forward with it. ~ Ray Bradbury

#goblinweek day six: you've been wandering the market for a long time, traveller - surely you must be thirsty! Please stop, rest for a moment, have a nice cup of tea!

#characterdesign #mastoart #creativetoots #goblin

This plum nail polish is super thick and that makes me very happy

On this fifth day of #goblinweek - lookin' for a knife, traveller? how 'bout a nice sword? A bit worn, mebbe, but hacks an' slashes just like the fancy stuff! There's a discount of wands, too, if you're of the magical persuasion!

#characterdesign #mastoart #creativetoots #goblin

Endlessly frustrated with myself for having social anxiety. Other people are just so much better at making connections than me, and people are obviously already creating rapport.

#goblinweek the fourth: one adventurer's junk is a geckoblin's treasure! Step right up and browse the wares! You in market for a wonky spoon, or maybe a waterlogged book? Still got it's original bookmark and everything! It's au-THEN-tic!

#characterdesign #mastoart #creativetoots #goblin

oh hey, it's the third day of #goblinweek! How about you get TWO goblins for the price of ONE, Mastodon?

#characterdesign #mastoart #creativetoots #goblin