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Shade Jackrabbit @Shadejackrabbit

@ink_slinger If capitalism is a drug I guess they get a contact high?

@sconlan My mother has been growing one collection of spider plants for like twenty years now, they're fantastic

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anybody know a place where I could order individual custom decals for keyboard keys?

my fav anime trope may actually be "really banging op that you finally hear the extended version of in the climactic scene of the finale"

Cried from watching the Xbox accessibility controller promo. That may seem hyperbolic, but the topic is important to me on a personal level.

See, my dad is disabled on one side. Most consoles are unplayable for him.
We could play some PC adventure games, but little else until the Wii came out (and I was in high school).

I would've loved to grow up sharing games with him, but it just wasn't there.

So, to know that less people will want like I did? Heck yeah I'll cry. That's wonderful.

But very few things scare me quite as much, bone-deep, as the average IT person's implicit trust in the pure-hearted goodness of Large Corporations.

The bigger the corporation, the more the trust.

It's amazing.

@iliana There's a similar thing called De Bruijn sequences, though that's for listing all n-length strings of a size-k alphabet. This example is too irregular to reliably reproduce.

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found some 80s books at the thrift store and I'm pretty excited to look through them. always looking for new inspiration for my campaign

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oh no the theramin ghost has returned


Identified: Sophia Park. All-purpose gynoid. 24 years of service.

Currently serving as a narrative and game designer at Aether Interactive.
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