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Shade Jackrabbit @Shadejackrabbit

@fillertrack oh nice, that's one of those Apple Magic Pad competitors. Good find, hope it gets bites

mostly i hate mini consoles because they entirely exist so that companies can curate a vision of their console that never really existed

like how the SNES Mini doesn't include a single scrolling shmup when that's like 2/3rds of the console's library

today: met the queer Alliance at my university and made buttons and it was nice despite my social anxiety being INTENSE for like sixty minutes

today I am somewhere like 80% strength so I hope that means I am mostly over this cold

now excuse me as I furiously punch this telephone pole to avoid jinxing myself

@TheGibson stop working out you are too strong already

wanted to make a four horsemen joke about bad gamer men but only could really think of three high profile ones damn

@fillertrack I remember seeing him doing some promo for a packing tape brand or something a while ago idk

You can now log in to the Subserial Network. Explore the mesh network of the post-singularity and track down synthetics unbecoming human by using your own desktop.

#gamedev #gameing

my textbook offhandedly remarks that banks have to be responsible by nature and oh boy it was written in 2006 wonder how the authors felt two years later

@fillertrack the closest I have is a tape of Duck Tales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp recorded from Family Channel circa 10 years ago

today I was reminded of that time Peter molyneux cursed a human child to be bound to the kinect

saw the date and went "oh no Thursday the 13th" so hi I'm still sick

I haven't been able to play Destiny 2 in like a week due to being busy and now sick and ughhhhh itching to get back when I'm not constantly dizzy


) A podcast subscriber

) Agoraphobe

) Person who has a leaf of iceberg lettuce on their head like it's a wig or something, I dunno

) You, but from a timeline where everything went right... a happier you