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Shade Jackrabbit @Shadejackrabbit

Puppy linux has been installed successfully, now just to configure it better for this tiny screen 800x480, oof

Most config menus slightly spill off the screen

I watched way too damn much Sabrina the Teenage Witch when I was young.

Installing puppy Linux on an old eeepc (I hope)

I don't think I can understate how great really is. I've been huge into Wadget Eye's previous New York games, but they've really struck gold this time. Their writing has always been pretty good in my opinion, but it's just really excellent here.

Love seeing somebody else tackle the BioWare-style party-driven storyline thing.

I'm glad I picked it up release week, despite it interrupting my latest Fallout New Vegas run.

So... has still nobody made a UTF character keyboard for Android? I somehow find it really hard to believe?

Tabs for box drawing, arrows, etc....... no?

Firefox shenanigans Show more

my brain is just like... on fire with logistical thoughts. trying to figure out how I want to stage moving and what would be most efficient.

who needs to do what when, who is available when to do what I need, etc.

plus I gotta study for exams, but one thing at a time

One misconception of #mastodon is that when you arrive here you expect to see all your #twitter friends or at least someone to follow. It's like walking into a library and expecting your favorite book to be lying on the table in the lobby waiting for you. The community you seek is here, you just have to do a bit more work to find them.

@fillertrack hey while there can you grab me uhhhh.................................. one of them Mario toys and some fries?

@matilde seriously jealous it's extremely aesthetic

What if a free to play game but it has an option to unlock everything for free, just in exchange you get zero stats. All skins or whatever are totally free you just trade away stat tracking forever. No K/D ratios, no hours tracked with weapons or characters, no scores, no play of the game, no replays, no commendations, no experience tracking, no rank. Nothing.

Just a big ol' bundle of conflicting emotions about moving. It's... wild. I've been in this apartment for something like 3 years. It's the first real place I lived, like really lived 7 days a week, since my parents' place.

It feels like a part of me on some level. And it's gonna hurt to see it go. It's gonna be scary to feel it go.

As much as there's dozens of things about this building that are awful, it's where my heart is.

At least I have a couple months to say goodbye.

fun fact: adobe has published license keys to macromedia applications that they don't want to host the key server for anymore

get em while they're hot

Behold! Finally finished my first project in Blender, then 3-D printed and painted it! It’s a Beholder from D&D.

I really hate these monsters, but I knew it would make a good test subject to learn on. Print time was 10 hours. #Dnd #minature #painting #blender #3dprinting

I feel like some of the folks I follow on here could be minor characters in a William Gibson novel. Thank you all for being interesting.

remember to put your servers to sleep for the weekend~ it's been a long week and they're very tired! 💤