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Hades' 😈 Jack-o-rabbit 🎃 @Shadejackrabbit

Just found out Destiny alerts on the taskbar when it's done loading. Super useful to do stuff on another desktop in the mean while.

@thurloat I spent a while resurrecting an old Eee PC and it was pretty satisfying despite being fairly un-useful :P

literally want to blow out my eardrums with dance music today idk

After like sixteen sessions they've finally starting to get a feeling of the reigns - I've never had a group before who was so RP engaged like this, and so hesitant to break the boundaries of what I've established, but we're really starting to collaborate on the storytelling in a way that one doesn't generally associate with D&D.

Finally ran another session of my campaign after like... two months off. Had a really great time where my players visited an Oracle in a monastery of a sun-worshipping church.

Characters are developing some interesting arcs. Had one non-lethal duel in the whole session, the rest was RP. People seemed really engaged.

Still impressed with how long this campaign is going. I really hope we can keep continuing! The story is really shaping up, and I want to see where it goes.

good news, our cat has recovered from her infection and is coming home tonight!!

when I was a kid I used to think all dogs were male and all cats were female and people's responses to that are either:

1) yeah lol same
2) wtf is wrong with you

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after Telltale fucked over most of its workforce there certainly were people talking about how abused they were who 24 hours earlier certainly weren't maybe comfortable talking about it, in part because they now had no Telltale job or Telltale boss to be concerned about. it's not like these issues are being made up by outside agitators.

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i seem to recall (and hope this is accurate?) that a few of them are even treated as war monuments, wreaths left around them, etc. it adds a ton of flavour to the game and emphasizes how abandoned the nords felt during the crisis.

just remembered how my favorite mod adds ruined and crumbling oblivion gates all over the province

that incredible tension of dropping a niche reference and praying to the gods that it will be understood