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Leanne :speech_balloon: @Rolston

Once upon a time, I used to hate continue statements in code. Now, I'm lazy and use them all the time.

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@kepstin @ink_slinger I agree. I recognize 24-clocks (and have most of mine set to that) but I don't speak 24-h clock.

I had a friend in Finland who once said "Twenty o'clock"

As I embark on the actual writing part of my Generals Paper, I am reminded that I tend to speak out loud to myself while I write. I hope my desk mates tolerate this..

As I had to defend the handful of change my friend came back from Vancouver with ($8 worth) I came to realize that Americans will never know the joy of looking at your change and discovering that you have $30 you didn't know you had.

@allan @Trav1sty @thurloat @ink_slinger

I'm Microsoft > Facebook > Alphabet > Apple > Amazon (but loath to give up Amazon because they employ my family)

@Trav1sty @thurloat
Yeah. It's the hollow dome sound that annoys me.

Long story short: Coworker with whom I was at odds (technically manager) used to use one. Officemate now uses one. The sound of it now reminds me when I used to get naggy e-mails from coworker..

@allan Try leaving the country. :( Canadian sites don't accept zip codes, etc.

What's worse is apparently the credit history people _cannot_ accept a non-Canadian address, so everything to do with me as associated with an address I haven't lived in for 10 years now.

My kid's school is named after Laura Ingalls Wilder. When reading up on her life, he pointed out that the different areas of his school are named after places she'd lived.

.. other schools in the area are named after Einstein and Rosa Parks. I perversely wonder if they, too, followed the same naming pattern, naming areas names like "Back of the bus" and "Patent Office"

.. I'll just escort myself out..

Have I complained about how annoying I find the sound of an ergonomic keyboard on here before?!

@kepstin I hear ya! I've been on the west coast for 9 years now, but I totally remember being a zombie during those first 2 rounds!

@Toxic_Flange Based on previous years, I doubt they'd really come up with much useful - I've been told I love to cook, my favourite food is Kraft Dinner, and that favourite colour is purple.

Sad props to all the Edmontonians I seem to know on here..

@Flumberbug That's my point!! Just because no one knows that damned mermaid's name, there's no need to be down on Tim!

Someone who went up to Vancouver, BC for a conference last weekend brought us some "Tim Ho's" coffee so we could experience Canada. I need to hunt them down and tell 'em we're all on a first name basis in Canada.

To make you people waiting for Amazon deliveries jealous, as I was walking to meet my kid at the bus stop, the USPS guy was delivering it. Will swing by the box on my way back.
When it's delivered to the door, I usually get an almost instantaneous app notification, too.

.. the lack of new tablet stand and the fact that I know that it's en route is making me want to head the hell home, which is OK because I don't really come into campus on Wednesdays anyway.

You only ever hear of 10-fold cross validation. Never 5. Anyone have any idea why?

I am going to be a pioneer/rebel and use 5.

@ink_slinger @allan Is there really a lot of Machine Learning talk there? And how can I follow it without making a new account?!

@butlermatt @Taco As I set up my 3rd monitor, I'm reminded that I, too, have an Amazon order due to arrive today, it being a more adjustable tablet stand for my portable monitor, since the one(s) I have don't adjust enough for me to be able to see it clearly (I'm too short).

I even went to the Amazon Brick and Mortar bookstore to see if they had it since I didn't want to wait those 2 days (it spoils you!)