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@rugk That doesn't work always though, I had cases where the input field of a service would say that + isn't a valid character in an email – even though RFC 5321 clearly states "the local-part MUST be interpreted and assigned semantics only by the host specified in the domain part of the address."

@rugk Google And do as well. It's quite nice that you sign up for an external service with username+servicename@domain.tld.
Helps for automatic filtering your inbox or making it easier to find out who lost your email to that latest spammer.

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It says something about the proprietary mess that is modern messaging apps that a single tech company has 3 incompatible messaging networks and making them compatible with each other is newsworthy.

Looks like ProtonMail removed Google Crashlytics from their app. Still complains about missing Play Services though.

@nuron Ich habs kurz auch mal auf Android gespielt, war wieder positiv überrascht wie umfangreich open source Software sein kann, und dass Leute freiwillig so viel Zeit investieren und es anderen einfach so zur Verfügung stellen

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When you use Signal you can export backups of your messages and media to reimport them later to signal (on another phone or after a reset). But obviously you might want to switch away from signal completely at some point in future, but keep your conversations. There is an interesting little golang application that allows to extract the data from Signal backups when you have the backup password:

#Signal #Backup #infosec

@Paw @Hughenknubbel So ein Kommentar lag mir aber sowas von auf der Zunge :)

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@favstarmafia Genau, aber die Devs sind halt dagegen (gewesen vor paar Jahren) 🤷‍♂️

@favstarmafia Das ist anscheinend per Design, siehe Github issue hier [1]. Dort ist auch ein Forumsthread [2] verlinkt (ich hab ihn nicht ganz gelesen, aber vielleicht interessiert es dich mehr).

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Diese Heuchler haben kein Problem mit Vorratsdatenspeicherung, Staatstrojaner, Backdoors, Verschlüsselungsschwächung, Ausnutzen von Sicherheitslücken, usw. aber wenn der #Datenklau dann mal sie trifft, ist das plötzlich ein Angriff auf die Demokratie. #Hackerangriff #haha

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JetBrains knows how its done: They have a button "Export personal data" which allows you to download a xlsx file (!) that contains:
1. Username
2. Full name
3. Account id
You're serious? 😅
JetBrains, you don't even include all the data displayed in the web interface under "My account", such as email address, country, email options, licensing information.

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If you think about it, the Catholic Church were among the first engineers in the West:

* They mastered "embrace and extend" over every pantheon they encountered.

* They moved fast (for the day) and broke things.

* Their exorcisms require a senior admin and an intern.

* Their documentation hasn't been updated since v0.1a.

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@eazysprech @julianruf From what I guess from experience, LOS 16 will officially be released around February. You can of course already get beta builds on xda for some devices.

Regarding availability of builds: it very much depends on the maintainer, whether they port it to 15.1 or now 16. That's the nature of open source projects 🤷‍♂️
But again, you might find unofficial builds with sth >14.1 on xda or elsewhere

Mittlerweile auf der Heimfahrt von meinem ersten Chaos Congress. 🚄 Danke an alle die den so unglaublich toll gemacht haben, und geholfen haben das alles auf die Beine zu stellen!
Ich bin immer noch erschlagen von den vielen Eindrücken, und schreibe mir gerade nochmal auf was ich alles gesehen und erlebt habe, um für mich selber zu rekapitulieren. 😊