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Changing random stuff until your program works is "hacky" and "bad coding practice", but if you do it fast enough it's "Machine Learning" and pays 4x your current salary.

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Weitersagen: Darum sollten Sie #RSS nutzen

Die Technologie ist der perfekte Gegenentwurf zu Facebook, wo Algorithmen Inhalte vorsortieren und den Nutzer bevormunden.

@nuron Dann hast du ja den ganzen Nachmittag Zeit dich um die Nextcloud zu kümmern 😋

@nuron Man merkt bei einigen Seiten dass sie nen 0815 Generator verwendet haben und einfach mal alles angeklickt haben, selbst wenn sie kein Google, Fb oder Twitter einbinden, es dann trotzdem in der Datenschutzerklärung steht. Vorsicht ist wohl besser als Nachsicht...

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Remember the effort to get our #fennec build a new icon?

You can now finally vote for the alternatives here:

When reCaptcha asks me to mark all the squares containing street signs, I'm never sure whether to mark the rod they are standing on as well.
Because technically, it's part of the street sign 🤔

@fdroidorg Done! I mentioned it in the Gitlab issue as well.

@Coffee @fdroidorg Opening a completely new thread would allow for the three icons to be posted right under the poll, which would be helpful.
I'm torn 😅

@Coffee @fdroidorg You can get a link linking directly to a post though

@Coffee @fdroidorg Your right, that would be better! I didn't know it featured the ability to poll.
Let's use that then. Shall I create a poll within the exisiting thread?

You can buy all sorts of replacement parts for the . I wonder if that's all of them, and you could just order *all* replacement parts and assemble it yourself 🤔

@fdroidorg The link not being clickable is a bit of a hassle, but doesn't do that either, and I don't want use Doodle :/

@fdroidorg That would be it:
Do you wanna check it out first, and toot it independently instead of boosting this one?

If that's okay, I'd set up a poll on using those three options (afaik doesn't feature preventing multiple votes using basic means such as IP checks).
Maybe we could have it open for a week, and then see what we got?