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Hobbies that automatically make someone hotter:

• can fly a plane (tricky, though, because usually rich in a way that’s off putting)
• women’s local amateur soccer team (is gay, and if it doesn’t work out, has at least 9 other gay friends)
• animal shelter volunteer dog walker or cat socializer
• any kind of boxing
• motorcycles (it’s a cliché for a reason)
• plays a brass instrument
• spending hours in a bookstore alone just to browse
• dancing with the devil in the pale moon light

Modern Industrial @Modern_Industrial

@SuzanEraslan It feels like there would have to be a fairly specific subset of brass instruments here. Like, would one get turnt for tuba?

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@Modern_Industrial Totally. I don’t get turned on by *hearing* brass playing— I generally find the sound to be rather bullying, except for some smooth trumpet playing— but having... ahem... experience with brass players, I can confidently say that they have transferable skills from their instrument playing.