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Modern Industrial @Modern_Industrial

This weekend I got a report on the state-of-the-art of exclusive underground p2p sites and I gotta say, if you're looking for the non-depressing cyberpunk future present, that's where it's at

@zigg Might also check out the Pygame library for Python, or look into Minecraft modding.

@xvu Its a habit, and takes practice. The most important thing is that you're aware of it and trying to improve.

If you're interested and in the KW area soon, let me know and I'll buy you a beer. 🍻

@thor In my experience, every time some someone says, "we only do things the X way", where X is a group, company, or nation, its wildly stupid and ineffective strategy papering over more fundamental organizational flaws.

In this case, American hypercapitalism.

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Okay, I just came up with a great hashtag for the fediverse, regarding #FollowFriday, also known as #FF.

🐻 Bear with me, while I explain why it's so good, and why it will stick.

It's been suggested that we need a #fediverse specific ff-hashtag, but nothing interesting ever came out of it.

Today I saw #FFOS (Follow Friday on Saturday), and I was like, what if, instead of forgetting, we could do it every day, and #FFED was born. Follow-Fediverse, and Follow-Friday Every Day, rolled into one.

Anyone ever use other decentralized/open-source social medias? GNU-Social/diaspora*/Friendica/etc, what was/is your experience compared to Mastodon?

Google can now be unapologetically evil in the US, but in Canada, they have to be apologetically evil.

> "Well, [Centralized Platform] is a business and can run how they want. It's not censorship if they simply decide not to serve you!"

Ok fair. Tell me again how your "it's not censorship since they aren't the government" argument operates in a society where the commons is being systematically walled off and aggressively captured by business interests with monopolistic practices? Organizations who end up taking on the role of private police forces governing what once used to be a public area?

☑ caddy
☑ pi-hole
☑ searx
☑ syncthing
☑ postgresql
☑ nextcloud
☑ gogs
☑ wallabag
☑ tt-rss
☑ gps
☑ rtc
☑ lets encrypt
☑ vpn
☑ non-isp dns
☑ usb 3g/lte modems

Every couple of months I like to share with new people or people on new instances how to add #Mastodon timelines into #rss feeds:

Roll your own: https://[federated.instance]/@[userid].atom

Could be worth trying if your favourite accounts are 8-16hrs away, or if you detect spotty synchronization issues between instances. #Mastodon101 #rss

Google: Removes 'Don't Be Evil'
Me: The canary is gone, I repeat, the canary is gone.

It's been about a week since I installed Blokada. The result? 6557 blocked requests for my data. #unfreakingbelievable

It's officially time to quit using #Google services! Time to talk alternatives (I've got some suggestions).

Google Removes 'Don't Be Evil' Clause From Its Code of Conduct

@games I'd go so far as to say the whole Terry Gilliam oeuvre is underappreciated.

Facebook: depression because all of your friends and family are closet morons

Instagram: depression because you aren't living on a beach with gorgeous friends like every other person on the planet

Twitter: depression because the world is a garbage fire and you must bear witness to the horror

Is your data that's stored online safe?

Flow Chart.