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Honestly impressed by the number of ways my body can low-key fail with age

@Supernova It started with "Believe" and proceeded into slightly covered unmentionables, so I'm not 100% on the full phrase.

In my heart, I hope it said "Believe in Yourself", supporting and uplifting her partner in a challenging, intimate time.

Much respect to the mom at the playground yesterday whose tramp stamp was an inspirational quote

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ME: [about to make a cut on some wrapping paper]

ALSO ME: [jumping out of a time machine from a two minutes in the future] you're going to want that a few centimeters longer

Woah, shots fired - by Macleans no less!

"Tim Hortons is not a defining national institution. Rather, it is a chain of thousands of doughnut shops, several of which have working toilets."

@Douglewars Would a multi-voiced MIDI system work for your needs?

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@ajroach42 You may also want to do a search for Magenta - Google folks have been using deep learning to develop generative music tools.

@aral There are contributors both with and without beards. I think they met their diversity quota, Aral.

Package Tracker: A Poem

A label has been created. You will be notified.
A label has been created. You will be notified.
A label has been created. You will be notified.
It's already been delivered.

@keithzg Maybe! I was just fascinated by Bulk Barn personally. Usually when I go to a store starting with "Bulk", things are super cheap. I've just never seen this marketing strategy before.

So, Bulk Barn's pricing model seems to be less "we buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you"

and more

"where else are you gonna get 50 lbs of yeast?"

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BC Electoral Reform Show more

hold on! i shall contribute to a MEME!

*slaps roof of programming* this bad boy can fit so many new ways to experience failure