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Who knows a good front end dev? How is it possible that we are having a hard time filling a #job for @greenpeace international 1st #FOSS project? Peeps - please share:

@thurloat How does it work? Who are you using for DNS?

@thurloat Are you implementing an alternative to the Cloudflare DNS thing?

@Modern_Industrial @UberTumbleweed its to do with federation. we don't block anyone anymore at the instance level.

if no one on our instance follows that user yet, their toots won't be federated here yet. if certain toots are boosted, only those will appear on your local view.

there's a little cheat to put their full @user@instance in the search bar to force federation too.

going to movies alone is the greatest thing about being an adult that no one tells you

@UberTumbleweed Which instances are you having issues with? I think we federate pretty widely, but you can always reach out to @thurloat if there's one we dont.

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@mthedestroyer A terrific science! I hit my limit with due to some unfortunate run-ins with molarity vs molality, but it's always such fascinating work. Glad to have you here!

Whenever I hear that the army has been called in to deal with forest fires or other natural disasters I imagine them choppering in and shooting up the woods Tropic Thunder style and I am offended that this is not what actually happens.

@allan I have mixed feelings. I agree that experience has often been traded for "having been there", missing the point of travel. OTOH, this has the ring of "amateurs, get off my lawn." This felt like a good riposte:

Smarter skeptics might object on the grounds that, as a travel writer, I am on the road countless days a year with time to spare, whereas they get 10 vacation days a year and have to make them all count. Or theyโ€™re traveling with kids so thereโ€™s little room for error.

At the top of everyone's computer security threat models should be:

1. Silicon Valley is run by a clique of unaccountable billionaires at least some of whom are actual Nazis, or at least Nazi-curious and find Nazis sympathetic and interesting and worth hearing out because they have important and fun ideas

2. The United States Government, as of 2017, is run by people who are actual Nazis and also Russian Mafia

Yet very few Silicon Valley Best Practices seem to take #1 into account

USED CAR SALESMAN: [smacks the hood of my minivan] This bad boy can hold so many stale fruit snacks

So today I overheard a coworker talking to another coworker, he meant to ask how long his beard was, but what came out was, โ€œHey, man, whereโ€™s your chin at?โ€

@mooshoe @kev Very true. To @mooshoe point, starting out with the local feed would be beneficial, especially if you select an instance by topic.

Maybe it would be worthwhile to rebrand your feed as a "personalized" feed or "pinned" feed? Highlight that this is your distinct place, but there are others to check out? How we can connect people with starter content without committing them to it?

@MooShoe @kev @mooshoe Thank you - I've been too anxious to try this myself. :)

So, were you able to keep all of the folks you followed as you transitioned? Were your followers able to automatically follow your new account? What happened to your old posts?