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Modern Industrial @Modern_Industrial

Love when I accidentally hit the caps lock key and respond to my colleagues with a Spongebob font.

"tHANK yOU fOR yOur rESponSE"

in canada if you leave your front door open and go out, a team of professional will come and clean up your flat.

@GeoffWozniak That's really interesting. I wonder why the groups wouldn't set up a website instead. Too much work? Too high a tech barrier?

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Cats long ago realised humans are destroying themselves and they are merely living in the wreckage as kings, thinking.... why do these dunces fall for the miaowing in the morning I can eat a bird whenever I please

hey play this game because it fucking rules
Hey I just published my new game, You Are Jeff Bezos. It is a game where you are Jeff Bezos and your only goal is to spend all his fucking money

My kid: Here, let's read this book.
My wife: Ah yes, Green Eggs and Ham!
My kid: Yeah, he doesn't like them.


how are you people so good and beautiful. i'm barely a shitposting potato

@ink_slinger "I see you're interested in meth - can I recommend Adderall instead? All of the excitement without the brain rot!"

@ink_slinger Absolutely. I think that makes a lot of sense for pain killers and downers generally, where risk to others is generally lower.

When you shift to meth, though, where people do crazy stuff while on it, that's a whole other bag. One of my hopes with cannabis legalization is that it will serve as a reasonable, accessible substitute for harder, more dangerous stuff.

@ink_slinger Oh, for sure - I was reading the article and nodding in agreement all the way through.

Part of what is interesting, though, is that houses are getting bigger and families smaller. In theory, we should have more places today for alone time. But, being in the car is one of the few places with both space and a socially acceptable excuse for being there (vs being at home and being antisocial). It feels like we are not giving each other enough permission to be alone.

@ink_slinger Interesting that they went with the drug angle rather than prostitution. Hard drugs have provable harms that are tough to control, while prostitution is much more defensible.

Everything is amazing and nobody is happy, part 2018:

"A new Ikea report is an unsettling look at life in the 21st century"

@UberTumbleweed do you have the option to take trash directly to the dump?

Never thought I'd see the day where HR had to send out a note about "the appropriate use of marijuana at work"

and yet here we are

Happy Weed Wednesday, Canucks! 420 blaze it!

Or just celebrate the end of a long, costly, damaging and unnecessary prohibition!