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Food 🔥 take Show more

Food 🔥 take Show more

When I travel, a big part of the draw is food and drink, regardless of how close or far the destination is.

Like, going to Trier, Germany, was 25% about Marx, 10% about the ancient Roman ruins, and 65% about the potato restaurant (Kartoffel Haus, I think it was called) and the place that served first century Roman dishes (they don't translate well to a modern Canadian palate).

JessSloan @JessSloan

@ink_slinger anywhere I travel just have interesting food experiences and access to a used bookstore. Food is the main thing though.

@JessSloan Sort of related: I stumbled onto an anarchist bookstore in Porto and really wished I could read Portugese.

That would have been so neat to see! @ink_slinger

@JessSloan At first I thought it was just a used bookstore, until I noticed a bunch of homemade, almost zine-style translations of famous anarchist works and all kinds of anarchist and communist imagery all over the place. It was pretty cozy and I would have grabbed a coffee and hung out for a while if they'd had anything in English (or if I could read Portuguese).