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JessSloan @JessSloan

@thurloat hello 👋 I have sent you messages.

I wish we had a hill to go sledding on.

Trying to find my get up and go this morning.

@thurloat hey! I’m sending you messages.

The only problem I have with being done Christmas shopping early is that I end up buying / making more things because why not? I have time. Only, that’s not super savey.

Ezra is away at her grandparents this weekend. I should be sorting school supplies and books and stuff like my plan was. Instead I’m in bed not doing that. I feel like I should feel guilty but I don’t.

I’m 100% confident I’ll fully regret this decision upon her return however 🤣

Dang! You right. I never win lol @thurloat

Have been on a carrot sticks with a hummus, goat cheese and olive oil dip kick lately. Just can’t get enough!

I’m gunna go with yes @thurloat but I don’t remember.

Waiting for my toddler to go to bed so I can start avoiding all the tasks I should be doing ...

My grandfather died early Saturday morning. 10 months after my grandmother, his wife of 62 years, died. I’m sad but at the same time I’m glad they’re at peace and hopefully together.

I don’t know if I believe in heaven or God or anything but for their sake I hope there’s something so they can be together again.

Weirdly, I feel a bit like I imagine it would feel like to be an orphan. They were a huge part of my life so, though my parents are both alive and well, I feel slightly lost for now.

I used to play Dr Mario back in the day at my uncle’s house on his NES. That was the last time I saw an actual Dr Mario cartridge IRL @ink_slinger @thurloat

I’ve a similar aversion to that phrase but somehow saying “oh lord” is ok in my brain 🤷🏻‍♀️

Blogging more is constantly a goal of mine. So is engaging more on social media. But somehow I just end up being an observer with several notebooks of article ideas. One day it’ll happen. I hope. @ThatGeoGuy @thurloat @ink_slinger

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Definitely easier to parent on very little sleep when you can middle through on auto pilot because you’re prepared :) @Supernova

I love that Ezra’s sleep time music is The Beatles. Currently humming along to Octopus’ Garden while rocking Ezra to sleep.

Good luck!

Ezra has a sleepover date with her Grammie tomorrow so we’ll be up early to deliver her. Then home to move furniture. I expect a long day for all. @Supernova