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JessSloan @JessSloan

How many times a day can one person really say ‘gentle hands’ and not be talking about anything sexual but still be talking about consent issues? Too many. That’s the answer.

@thurloat oh no!! That doesn’t sound delicious.

I’d like to lie down and watch TV but I also want to drink hot tea.

We missed it because @thurloat was away but am really looking forward to witnessing the unveiling of the USS Discovery @cognish

When your husband returns from a week long work trip and immediately starts working

Turns out Daniel Tiger's dad doesn't have a mane because he's not a lion. Apparently I haven't had enough caffeine yet.

I have to get back on track. I have to. My mental health can't take too much more of this non-structured living. Feels too close to laziness. Don't get me wrong, I've. Wen living the summer lifestyle but I'm ready for a change. I sure am glad September is just around the corner; fall always makes me fall into a routine.

All the planning.

Just feeling a tad overwhelmed by the amount of things that have to be done.

@HerraBRE this happens to me almost nightly. Baby cries in the night, I take her to bed to nurse, I fall asleep, she falls asleep, I wake an hour later and have to drag myself out of bed to put her in her crib. Long nights.

@ink_slinger @thurloat that sounds fun! The only things she hasn't really had yet are raw fish and honey.

Today is @thurloat and I's 4th anniversary ❤️

Last Wednesday was my 30th birthday.

And in 3 weeks our daughter will be 1 yr old!

Summer is excellent.

I've got a long list of summer things I want to do before fall happens. I hope I can find a way to cram them all in.

Tomorrow may prove to be trying. A friend of mine has asked me to look after her daughter (who's the same age as ours). We looked after her last Monday as well and she cried the whole time (no hyperbole) because she missed her mom. Hoping tomorrow goes more smoothly - feel terrible when the poor babe is screaming and I can't help much.

on Sunday we attended the Weekend Round Up at Hatfield Farms with friends. Wagon ride, hot dogs, and fun in the sun!

Saturday was a beach day for our family. Gorgeous weather, sandy beach, happy family - best!

@Modern_Industrial You're likely to run in to Canadians who ask you your opinion on the matter as a way of indicating their thoughts instead of just giving you their opinion.

@allan Nope. My ring fingers always bend when I move my pinky fingers.

@GrooveStomp I'll let you know how successful I am at it once my maternity leave is officially over.

My husband @thurloat also works from home so we can be a bit flexible with our schedules and work around the baby's care.