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I have Pleroma installed on my VPS, now I just need to setup the system daemon, TLS certificates and my subdomain. These things aren't difficult or overly time consuming, but I'm also not particularly inclined...

Apparently Go looks at usage of a variable before determining whether it should be allocated on the stack or on the heap.

This makes so much sense to me.
It's good to know of these concepts, and in languages like ASM, C and C++ to be able to manipulate that. But I always found it weird that there was a lot of emphasis on where variables lived when I learned Java.

That said, Go religiously passes values; far beyond what I've seen in any other language, giving the runtime way more power.

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Fossil is the filesystem server in Plan9 but also a source control manager. Both are supposed to be awesome and unique and I'm pretty sure they're not the same thing even though there is overlapping functionality. Surely I can't be the first to find this a little confusing?

Up to the chapter on memory management in Linux Kernel Development. Good stuff!
I wish I had this book ten years ago!

I spent last evening reading the RISC-V user ISA, reading about the design of Plan9, a little history about RISC CPUs and computers, and watching Passengers. All in all, a pretty dang good evening.

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I am in on the ground-floor of a local baker who is kickstarting his own bakery business.
This is practically the best thing ever.

Linux Kernel Development is a good book so far.
_Lots_ about concurrency and synchronization.

The Linux kernel is pretty interesting; it is simultaneously implemented in one of the lowest-level languages in wide use today and also deals with very high level concepts.

This is pretty obvious, but it is a different thing to talk about it as an outside observer versus being walked through it and witnessing it yourself.

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Sometimes the reader mode button isn't available in firefox. TIL prefixing the URL with about:reader?url= helps. Reader mode is also a nice workaround for some sites that have nasty full-screen GDPR popups that I don't want to accept.

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"What's on your mind?"

Me, thinking: Death, legacy, how to live a good life, the pursuit of happiness, what do I want out of life, am I a good person, do I really understand love, am I wasting my time, what am I missing out on, will I ever feel grown up, what does success mean, what have I done with my life, can I survive on my own, would I want to, what if this is my last day, why can't I express myself adequately, does any of it matter, …

Me: "Not much. You?"

Congratulations @sir on being able to make that leap!

Here's to eventual cash-flow positivity and being able to continue doing this full time for as long as you desire!

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Wow. Seeing @sir take that step to be funded solely for FL/OSS work is inspiring! I do hope they write about the mechanics ( highlights their announcement). Congrats!

#dev | #floss | #webdev

I watched Bandersnatch.

It was fun and interesting. I feel like it's more successful as a game experience than a movie, but I think that's also mostly the point.

I would say watch it if you are interested in what it does. Ha ha. Not super helpful advice, I know.

If you like getting lost in thoughts, recursive thinking and postulating on the nature of reality, then this is probably up your alley.

I would butt in with "But a modern web browser and website will destroy a Pi with their heavy requirements" but you've already answered that with "what you should be doing" anyway. :-D

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Admit it. Most of what you should be doing on a computer at any given moment could easily be done on a Raspberry Pi.

@ajroach42 I see what you did there. ;-) It looks cool!