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Good, now I fixed two problems that cropped up that occurred completely outside of my control - shitty ctrl + tab in Firefox and custom key remappings not working anymore because Gnome 3 decided that xmodmap isn't cool anymore.

In Firefox, somehow, browser.ctrlTab.recentlyUsedOrder got set to true.
Why the eff would I want that? It's horrible!
The only way to make it work normally is to hold ctrl after pressing ctrl + tab, then cycle through the available tabs that way.

No thank you, I'll just set that back to false.

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Git-based code hosting project aims to blend the best of GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, while sticking with a copyleft license

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Damnit people, stop buying Apple hardware.

Just in the last day or two, Rossman declares war

Linus PAID repairs refused on brand new iMac

They've always been this way with their elitist repair attitudes. You used to be able to ignore it because their quality was second to none, but that hasn't been true for about 5 years now.

Oh, almost pulled the trigger on a Raspberry Pi Zero just now.
I still have an OrangePi and Pine64 sitting unused at home.
And I have some home network rejigging to do since we moved...

Now I have to figure out why ctrl+tab and shift+ctrl+tab don't work in Firefox the way they always have.

shift+ctrl+tab doesn't do anything, and ctrl+tab brings up a new task switcher interface that lists all browser tabs except for pinned ones.

This kind of thing seriously pisses me off. Progress for the sake of progress at the expense of working, functional workflows is *not* okay in my book.

Apparently xmodmap doesn't work properly in Gnome anymore?
WHY? WHY?!?!

I guess I have to use xkb now.

@sir I just started reading your blog and I am enthralled!

The touch bar on my crappy work Apple laptop doesn't work anymore.
This amuses me and also pisses me off at the same time.
I would rather not have the touch bar, but the laptops with the touch bar completely lack the other function keys and buttons that you need.

@FssOfDeath Qubes is also very purpose-built for privacy. I was really intrigued by it a while ago and thought about using it... but it's overkill for my tiny little netbook.

I like Devuan as an alternative to Debian because you get the great support of Debian and no SystemD. It's basically win-win! :-)

Ubuntu is not a bad choice for support. I've used it successfully for years personally and prof'ly.

I've also used Arch successfully for years... All personal, "for-fun" stuff.

Being forced to use specific software is a great boon to productivity! Now I get to unlearn all of my habits and throw all of my workflow customizations out the window. Yay!!!!!!!!!

@FssOfDeath Devuan is great!
I don't quite grok the SysVInit system it uses and would like to update to runit; but otherwise it is perfect for what I'm looking for.

Hmm. Look okay in the browser, but not in the experimental curses client.

I guess single quotes don't work super well with the toot Mastodon client.

Devuan on my Acer Aspire One. I'm really enjoying this setup. i3, natch. I want to replace sysvinit with runit, otherwise it's poifect.

I just discovered "remind" and Roaring Penguin Software.
I love the sections on Microsoft and Apple:

Similarly, I am having really odd issues with networking with both the musl and glibc versions of Void. Most of the time when I boot up my networking just doesn't work. Occasionally it does. I have done full reinstalls, made sure I've configured my ethernet before install, actually used my ethernet while installing to update packages; but in the final system it's about 80/20 (against) for ethernet actually working.

I must be doing something wrong, but Void musl just doesn't work on my laptop. There were a bunch of things, but the main one seems to be installing packages with xbps resulting in symlinks to missing files so things just don't work as expected.
Specifically this happened with libnettle and emacs.