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I am in on the ground-floor of a local baker who is kickstarting his own bakery business.
This is practically the best thing ever.

Linux Kernel Development is a good book so far.
_Lots_ about concurrency and synchronization.

The Linux kernel is pretty interesting; it is simultaneously implemented in one of the lowest-level languages in wide use today and also deals with very high level concepts.

This is pretty obvious, but it is a different thing to talk about it as an outside observer versus being walked through it and witnessing it yourself.

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Sometimes the reader mode button isn't available in firefox. TIL prefixing the URL with about:reader?url= helps. Reader mode is also a nice workaround for some sites that have nasty full-screen GDPR popups that I don't want to accept.

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"What's on your mind?"

Me, thinking: Death, legacy, how to live a good life, the pursuit of happiness, what do I want out of life, am I a good person, do I really understand love, am I wasting my time, what am I missing out on, will I ever feel grown up, what does success mean, what have I done with my life, can I survive on my own, would I want to, what if this is my last day, why can't I express myself adequately, does any of it matter, …

Me: "Not much. You?"

Congratulations @sir on being able to make that leap!

Here's to eventual cash-flow positivity and being able to continue doing this full time for as long as you desire!

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Wow. Seeing @sir take that step to be funded solely for FL/OSS work is inspiring! I do hope they write about the mechanics ( highlights their announcement). Congrats!

#dev | #floss | #webdev

I watched Bandersnatch.

It was fun and interesting. I feel like it's more successful as a game experience than a movie, but I think that's also mostly the point.

I would say watch it if you are interested in what it does. Ha ha. Not super helpful advice, I know.

If you like getting lost in thoughts, recursive thinking and postulating on the nature of reality, then this is probably up your alley.

I would butt in with "But a modern web browser and website will destroy a Pi with their heavy requirements" but you've already answered that with "what you should be doing" anyway. :-D

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Admit it. Most of what you should be doing on a computer at any given moment could easily be done on a Raspberry Pi.

@ajroach42 I see what you did there. ;-) It looks cool!

@ajroach42 I thought you meant a CRPG or JRPG. I was intrigued. Then I found it's a tabletop RPG. AWESOME!

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This is Jeremiah. Jeremiah wore safety goggles while angle grinding. Jeremiah still has his right eye. Be like Jeremiah.


Man, watching Youtube feels like watching TV used to; so many commercials!
Since all the Youtubers I watch are supported on Patreon anyway, why not just do Peertube? That would certainly be awesome for _me_. :-)

I suspect most Youtubers still rely on Youtube ad revenue in addition to Patreon support.

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looking to completely disable the "clickpad" full depress events for , I've tried "ClickMethod" "none" but that doesn't do anything.

Any ideas?

@SpindleyQ Ha ha. It is so low on the priority list, but what the hell?
Sometimes you have to do something just for the pure joy and fascination of it. :-D

Oh man, just started following @SpindleyQ and now I'm struck by the strongest desire to code for an Atari ST again.

@Canageek @dosnostalgic LGR yes, but not the others.

I've been reading the Digital Antiquarian for a couple years now; have you? :-)

Thanks for the recommendations!

I started watching Modern Vintage Gamer on Youtube and boy oh boy do I desire to own a bunch of retro technology.

I almost bought a replica Altair 8800 a couple years ago...

One day I will start building my own computing/videogaming museum. One day.