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Geoff Wozniak @GeoffWozniak

If you actually try to write a program in BASIC on an old machine you will wonder how you managed to fall in love with programming a computer.

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

@thomasfuchs Or, ya know, just "dreaming". (Go mid-sentence though shift!)

@thomasfuchs Sometimes my cat starts breathing so quickly in her sleep that I think something is seriously wrong. She's probably imaging dreaming some amazing bird chase scene.

@FssOfDeath @thurloat For the record, I've had no problems with the cert using FF since last year. Currently running FF 63.

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One of our cats, post-op (spaying), wearing a "shirt" to prevent her from getting at the sutures. The pain meds appeared to be working.

@ink_slinger Yeah, the seats are uncomfortable, it's crowded, the food is rarely food-like, and you practically sacrifice your financial future to buy the tickets. But *everyone* knows, in their heart of hearts, that taking off your shoes, belt, and such things is total fucking nonsense.

Write a little poem - four lines should be plenty. Go to Google translate and translate it into Latin and just like that you’ve got an incantation for a scene in your fantasy novel.

@ink_slinger Part of the reason I detest flight travel is the security theatre.

when i load a web page ridden with trackers and adware that presents a broken and mutilated version of itself when deprived of javascript, i feel as though i am a carpenter who has just sat in a chair made by another only to have it crumble beneath me. i am ashamed of this craftsperson, of my craft, and of the profiteers who bind us to such crude and petty ways.

@tfb @fribbledom @quarky Digital archiving is a lot harder than it looks. I, too, think the Internet Archive is a great thing.

Oh, and the PDF is flaming oragnge background with black text.

Following instructions to setup MVS in Hercules. One of the steps requires you patch a JCL file. It's just shy of 13000 lines. There are (long) instructions for doing it manually but, if you don't want to do that, there are scripts "that will do it for you".

A diff is also provided (called a "before and after comparison"). It's a 326 page PDF.

These old timers do things a little differently.