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@GeoffWozniak aaaaaaaannnnndddddd phrenology shows its ugly face again. Straight out of the excrement of history into the mouth of modern bigots.

Geoff Wozniak @GeoffWozniak

@FssOfDeath "...Martin has claimed that the company’s proprietary analytical processes can determine someone’s risk level with greater than 97 percent accuracy."

Seriously, how do you even prove this at all. They're just making shit up at this point.

@GeoffWozniak I think that to please the current American administration they just made software that defects Hispanic accents. Those assholes are just trying to justify their own biases.

@FssOfDeath Yup. This quote:

"...the desire to infer someone’s moral character or hidden thoughts from physical features and behaviors has persisted."

The author forgot to add "by racists".