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Thanks to @pushcx I'm now looking at Clueboard configurations and thinking of what I want to do with the QMK firmware for it.

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"We become suspicious if people haven't lived a life on social media", says an advisor at a Norwegian recruitment agency.

So if I care about my online footprint, that's suspicious behaviour? This pretty much amounts to saying that having strong opinions about privacy makes you an undesirable candidate.

Does this mean that I'm fucked if I delete my LinkedIn account? I still have one, but I'm considering to delete it.

This is extremely creepy, and nobody seems to notice that.

@ink_slinger The glorification of billionaires is one my biggest pet peeves, especially when we (being media and storytelling) take the stance that wealth is the result of skill.

"In fact, when a scientist who is optimising for what gets rewarded slices up a study into multiple small papers, each with a single sensational result, and shops them around Science and Nature, all they are really doing is breeding rats."

@technomancy Honestly, I'd take that over an emoji any day.

@sir Beware the multi-line ternary operator!

@ocdtrekkie There's merit to that approach, but it doesn't square with my experience.

Way back when I hung out with people who did drugs. (They were cool in that they didn't push them on me.) Those who took them did it for one of three reasons: the rebellious kick of it being illegal, peer pressure, or to escape reality.

If you can't decriminalize it without a good, regulated distribution process, then I think the realignment idea is a decent option.

@ink_slinger @allan I grew up in a rural part of Ontario. Without a car, you couldn't get anywhere. Didn't hear much demand for busses though.

It's probably true that ridership will be pretty thin through those parts. Still, feels like they're being left out to dry, especially those that actually want to get away but can't ask for a ride for various reasons.

Bold move--that I support--by Toronto's chief medical officer to call for the decriminalization of all drugs.

I have no interest in taking, nor have I taken, drugs (save alcohol) and I don't think you should take them, but if you did, I'd rather see harm-prevention than criminal prosecution.

Greyhound busses were how my wife and I got around out west so that we didn't have to rent a car. Guess that'll be different next time we're out there.