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@Modern_Industrial Not sure but I would guess high tech barrier. None of the people I talked to were terribly interested in setting up a website, nor knew much about it.

@Modern_Industrial In a word, groups. There are many groups they are part of that just don't communicate in any other way. But the pervailing attitude was "I don't want to be on this anymore."

This was without me saying anything about me not liking it ahead of time.

I think three people said to me about my leaving of Facebook about a year ago, "Geoff, I envy you."

One very interesting thing about the film shoot yesterday was the number of people who expressed sincere interest in getting off of Facebook.

Spent the day on set shooting more episodes of Poppy Seed Place, written and produced by some friends of mine. Always happy to help out.

Check out the videos for some morbid comedy, that may or may not be safe for work.

"They’ve got no future unless they can go to the person who is currently teaching Mark Zuckerberg how to be a human being."

Love that line.

@ink_slinger Shit, I forgot about Mark Stein. That's like 20 Toronto Suns.

@ink_slinger There were some editions in a nearby health place (massage, chiropracty, etc.) mixed with a bunch of other questionable right-wingy/conspiracy-ish publications and the content seemed to fit with them. But then some recent ones have been less wack-o. I don't get that zine either.

@ink_slinger I would not be surprised if people just like the notion of winning, regardless of what is at stake.

@thomasfuchs The fact that the whole song is used as the "intro" is a testament to the lack of shame in corporate executives.

I honestly don't know who to be embarassed for in that.

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@webmind Finance and "shareholder value" will likely go down in history as truly destructive force.

Food poisoning, even minor, isn't fun.