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@mirzaba To it's credit, no Javascript (based on my network monitoring).

@ink_slinger Agreed. I'm not against selling people things, but if the end goal is sales, well, you're setting up a system that is will inevitably implode.

It's fun reading computer stuff from the 60s that (almost) could have been written today.

Banks sell things. If you think otherwise, then you're hoplessly naive. That said, they don't have to be against you. They can look after your interests by trying to sell you things that could help you.

Selling you things for the sake of selling you things and them making money is not good for building decent relationships, and it's how you get "elitism" and class divisions. Just a bad idea.

Seriously, if a bank is not there to look after my interests, why the hell should I use them? This is the harmful attitude of "pure individualism" at work.

I'm not a fan of banking or banks, but they are certainly not useless.

However, this kind of attitude from the FCAC is just obnoxious.

New reddit is the worst.

Digg v4 all over again.

@thurloat Good god, it's terrible. Infinite scroll, resource hog. I can't do it any more.

Stay classy, Rogers.

Buried in the new terms of service (halfway in a 27-page document that pops up) is a statement saying you agree to have your information minded for advertising purposes.

Any Rand bullshit Show more

Any Rand bullshit Show more

@JordiGH I was a little young (ESB was the first movie I remember seeing), but I do remember people joking about spoiling it for years afterwards.

@JordiGH Well, people did annoyed when anyopne gave away the twist of The Empire Strikes Back, back in the day.

If anyone uses Emacs the Windows Subsystem for Linux, use the -nox version. Considerably faster.

@JordiGH I no longer care about spoilers. If the story doesn't have a good journey, the surprise won't matter.

Sincerely love this essay. Highly recommended for those with a more technical vocation, but would like to get a sense of the aesthetics of their work.

"Lisp, Jazz, Aikido – Three Expressions of a Single Essence"

Unsurprisingly, media reports on how people die are shown to be remarkably disproportional to how people actually die. (But be sure to read the "Full Disclosure" at the end.)

"For the first time since pollsters started measuring such attitudes almost 40 years ago, a majority of Canadians now hold an overall unfavourable view of the United States."