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Hey guys! My new account is:

@thurloat this instance has been a wonderful introduction to the Fediverse and I hope to be back someday!

See you guys out there!

Hey Fediverse check this out:


My wonderfully talented better half just launched a Mag. It's a travel zine about small, quirky and beautiful places and stories in Eastern and Northern . It's all about the beauty of lesser known things and paths least traveled.

She's also on Instagram at @fieldtrippingzine

I hope you and enjoy and join the followers!

Thanks gang!

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No problem, sir! I get it, I have so many things I want to do but never get to: it is maddening.

Keep us advised if you get the time!

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I received a text from DHL today about a package coming my way. I am pretty sure it is the PBP.

I'll have to check on that firmware issue.

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Looking forward to your thoughts on the I couldn't justify the expense for now but the project interests me greatly. I should be getting my Librem 5 in March though... Maybe.

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PornHub commenters describe what they would sexually do to the people in the video in a much nicer way than some YouTube commenters.

I made the mistake of looking at some comments on old videos and WOW.

@ThatGeoGuy @keithzg

Definitely not in a rush but I'm like a child with these things and I get all excited :p

I waited 5 months for my Librem 13, that was hell. The PBP is so far within tolerances :p


Maybe I should have opted for the ISO model then. In Québec we get both almost interchangeably, to the point that I just thought it was a design choice and not a standard.


That is good to hear, I was worried about this as well. I am beyond impatient about receiving it!

Je ne sais pas quoi en penser. Peut-être que je suis trop cynique mais je ne crois pas que la justice américaine sois encore capable d'y faire quoi que ce soit.

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I used to be very excited for any upcoming expansion of the ProtonMail offerings but it just took too long for me. The bridge debacle didn't help.

Their email services are still stellar and I don't plan on switching away from them any time soon.


Yeah, I do believe that Disney would have gained a lot by pacing themselves and releasing a movie every other year, at least.

As far as the fan base goes, isn't every fan base shit now? Especially for long running things.

We live in the age of being pissed off at what we like. Do you think it's a side effect of our self loathing?

Honestly, I can't tell you something negative about it. I think the fanbase is just toxic.

I believe your budget would allow for a

I've had a L13v2 for a couple of years now and I really like it. I'm running Dual Core i7, 16GB of RAM and a SATA SSD but there's a bunch of configs.

Ships with PureOS but I, successfully, ran it in Ubuntu for the longest time and I'm in Pop!_OS at the moment so your Distro of choice should run well.

It's a well made machine and it is ready to service. Check them out, puri.sm