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@deletionism Thank you for posting this. It was a very interesting read and it brings me closer to starting the same process myself.

@thurloat That is a good OC. How has Ryzen been treating you? I have had a distrust of AMD since I had an Athlon blow up on me. I know it's old news but if I have seen no reason to let go of it, Intel makes good CPUs.

To be fair, it was kind of blown on purpose but even with disabled cooling a CPU shouldn't critically fail like that.

@Supernova I guess it depends how cute the doctor is and what kind of futzing we are talking about ;)

@Supernova I understand that since the government pays for it there should be a manner of control. Also I was so young, the statistical likelihood of me wanting to be un-snipped was high.

Still, if a grown man cannot decide what's to happen to his balls, what does he have control over?

@Supernova same here, my coding experience ended at VB and JAVA some 13 years ago. I am sure @thurloat will look into it when he has a moment :D

@Supernova must be nice knowing you are now very unlikely to get a surprise! I once tried to get snipped but I was childless and 23 so I got refused :P

@Supernova I am using it right now on Vivaldi on Ubuntu 18.04.1 and I've successfully accessed it through Firefox 63.0.2 on my phone on Android 8.1.0 as well.

Could this be API related? Or something to do with pulling/sending data to the server?


@Supernova I thought that swapping apps would solve it but this is the exact same thing, I can read toots but any interactions crashes the app, any.

@Supernova I am working all night, I'll keep you company :D

I have been out of it due to phone issues. How are your balls doing?

Friends of Moosetodon, I am dealing with an odd issue.

Last week Mastalab started crashing repeatedly on my Note 9, nothing fixed it. I cleared data and cache, reinstalled and cleared the phone's cache.

So I moved on to Tusky and now it's doing the same thing, I cannot seem to fix it.

Any ideas!?

@sconlan @ink_slinger I've been a paid user for a couple years already. Actually I have a small business account to share a domain with my brother, since it's our last name.

From what I could gather, they seem trustworthy enough.

Their VPN is shite though, PIA FTW.

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For some reason, starbucks wifi dies when I tunnel multiple VPNs within eachother.

a big cozy blanket VPN on top, then little socks VPNs for connecting to specific networks.

someone just complained to the people at the counter that the wifi keeps dying.

trying for the 3rd time to increase my sample size in the experiment.

@allan @ink_slinger that is a disturbingly detailed dream. That being said, the world is ready for her.

@Supernova @ink_slinger maybe they yelled at your genitalia to shut it's hole!


@Supernova now you have to tell us, you tease!

@GeoffWozniak I think that to please the current American administration they just made software that defects Hispanic accents. Those assholes are just trying to justify their own biases.

@GeoffWozniak aaaaaaaannnnndddddd phrenology shows its ugly face again. Straight out of the excrement of history into the mouth of modern bigots.

Oversharing / TMI / Vasectomy Show more

Oversharing / TMI / Vasectomy Show more

@ink_slinger I don't know much about it but, apparently, his doctors told him to drink eggnog and the man refused because it was some kind of religious fasting day....and he died.

I'm sure there's a lesson somewhere.