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Flumberbug @Flumberbug

Oh fuck. Why are the Libs at 44. Why does god hate me.

This is the most beautiful tie I've ever seen. This could be the first time in Canadian history the Greens actually have some modicum of power.

@kepstin That explains it. Their glasses have been fogging up so much they can't see goalie interference. Or offside. Or icing.

Thanks for splitting the vote, Greens. Great fucking job.

@kepstin They've already won five games in this series, so the odds are in their favour as long as the refs remember to wear their glasses.

@aemarc It only sucks if the point of drinking rum is to enjoy the taste.

The BC election is a hell of a lot more stressful than the Sens game.

@aemarc I feel for you, fellow internet stranger.

Trying to think of something comforting to say, but everything that comes to mind is at least 32% bullshit. You're just going to feel like shit for awhile. But only for awhile.

@somarasu haha We're really different, then. I don't remember the last time I had a poster.

Moved in eight months ago and haven't hung anything on the walls.

@aemarc That sucks. Hope you're doing all right.

@jay Tried writing on paper yesterday. Had to take a moment to remember how.

I speak 95% of my words into a mic.

Still feel 20 because that was the last time I kinda sorta had a life.

Waiting till I need intimacy more than I fear it.

@Taco Ramen in a taco is actually pretty good. Even if the taco doesn't exist.

@JessSloan I thought the purpose of Community was to exist as barely passable background entertainment. But you have a point.

@Taco Are you telling me tacos don't exist? Then what the hell have I been living off?