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So, I think we can all agree that entering text on mobile is a pretty user hostile experience. Compared to the other way we have of entering text. But it dominates how many of us enter text.

My phone aggressively autocorrects "its" to "it's". I can imagine a time when the autocorrections like this are "right" and 'its" as the possessive is archaic and unused.

Also regional spellings and dialects will probably die. It's one thing to have every Canadian word I type underlined red on a pc, its another thing entirely to have your phone change it to the US spelling.

Autocorrect is a tool for cultural destruction because it imposes its official and correct version of language onto a diverse and polyglot world.

@selenized Without autocorrect evetgying wikd look like thids.

Flumberbug @Flumberbug

@selenized @cb Only if you use tap input. Try swiping.