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Excited for the number of people switching over from one-time PayPal & Bitcoin donations to subscription donations at donate.mastodon.club/

The trust and stability that knowing there is a minimum amount of donation every month is calming. ๐Ÿ˜Œ

We have some left in the bank from the first month flurry of donations, but we're currently operating in the red month-over-month.

Especially want to let everyone donating know that I appreciate you! ๐Ÿ‘‹

Flumberbug @Flumberbug

@thurloat I'm curious, how much does it cost to keep the lights on here?

I don't mean to pry if you don't want to share that. You just made me realize I have no clue what it costs to host and maintain a website. For all I know, it could be $10 or $10 000 a month.

I'm also curious how much time you have to invest in this site. Does it take a lot less time since you set everything up or do things keep coming up that require your attention?

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@Flumberbug in infrastructure and related services (email, CDN, error reporting, monitoring), its just under 100/mo to run the beast currently.

Just day to day maintenance stuff is pretty minimal now that backups are all automated and offsite and my docker-compose stuff is scripted.

Upgrades and new feature development take the most time, keeping the code of our site up to date with master and resolving conflicting code changes as well as testing to make sure noting breaks on deploys.

@thurloat Thanks for sharing. :) I don't know much about coding, so this is a window into a new world for me.