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Flumberbug @Flumberbug

@selenized @cb Only if you use tap input. Try swiping.

@cb @selenized You could add neighbour, colour, and other idiosyncratic Canadian spellings to your personal dictionary. That's worked well for me.

I'm sure some keyboards are better at this than others. I use Swype on Android.

@JessSloan I agree it's worse on the internet. But I think people do it even with close friends and family. Particularly when there's something at stake, like a slice of power in the relationship.

When people in an argument simply want to connect and be acknowledged and understood, I'd say they have a pretty healthy relationship. Most relationships aren't that healthy.

@JessSloan I don't believe people are malicious. Just that we fight dirty when we argue. It's like a sport, more about winning than seeking truth. That means incessantly attacking, never acknowledging your opponent could have a point.

I agree, people should think more before they talk. That would make communication much more civil and effective.

@thurloat Thanks for sharing. :) I don't know much about coding, so this is a window into a new world for me.

Pens/Caps is effectively game 7 of the finals. Whoever emerges from this series will be heavy favourites to win the cup.

@thurloat I'm curious, how much does it cost to keep the lights on here?

I don't mean to pry if you don't want to share that. You just made me realize I have no clue what it costs to host and maintain a website. For all I know, it could be $10 or $10 000 a month.

I'm also curious how much time you have to invest in this site. Does it take a lot less time since you set everything up or do things keep coming up that require your attention?

@JessSloan Oh, okay. Perhaps I misunderstood you a bit.

I think our only disagreement is over whether people forget to listen to their opponents or whether they willfully avoid it.

I agree that social media exacerbates the problem. Not only has it shortened attention spans--it's also gave us gigantic communities with tenuous bonds between people. Small, tight-knit communities tend to encourage more civility.

@Rolston Yeah, let's slut-shame the starbucks mermaid, too!

Er, wait... that's what you meant, right?

@programwitch Perhaps there's an ad blocker out there that can work via a blacklist rather than a whitelist. Then you could blacklist mashable and let all other sites' ads come through.

@Alby If you needed over 50% of the population--or even just over 50% of the electorate--to pass a referendum, none would ever pass.

@Rolston Does anyone call Tim Horton's Tim Ho's? Why slut-shame Tim?

@JessSloan I agree that arguers want their opposition to listen to them. But they often don't afford their opponents this same level of respect.

One example is when people don't respond to any of the points their opponents make, but rather plow forward with their own talking points. All offence, no defence.

I would love you to be right that people endeavour to understand each other. I haven't seen this happen very often, though. Listening challenges your core beliefs, so people avoid it.

@YOLO_STALIN The ussr under Stalin was highly centralized. He would be a much bigger fan of timbits.

@JessSloan That's really laudable. Alas, I think you're in a tiny minority.

@ink_slinger Cool, I didn't know that. Might try it out.

When you argue with someone, is your goal to make them shut up?

@ink_slinger Isn't Twidere only for Twitter? How are you using Mastodon with it?

@bVork Yep. The Courtenay-Comox recount could swing the balance.

@bVork Not night: week. Or weeks. There will be recounts.