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Doug Lewars @Douglewars

I completed my last WIP so it's time to plot out my next. Unfortunately I don't have the slightest idea where I want to go with this one.

Note to self: Trust the sky, not the weather report.

Time to try and figure out just where my next story is going.

My friend's dogs spend most of their time sleeping and eating. Maybe i should apply for a position as a dog.

I'm rapidly approaching the end of my current WIP. I'm glad to finish this one because it got a little out of control. Editing will be a problem but that won't happen for a long time.

That was unfortunate. I missed an e-mail yesterday which resulted in me meeting with myself at what normally would have been a writers' group. Oh well, at least I'm an introvert so it wasn't so bad.

If I could use time travel to change something in the past, that revision would be the new reality so I couldn't remember making it. I wonder what I might have changed that got me to this point.

I heard on the news that tomorrow the Prime Minister intends to announce the election. And so the games begin .... officially.

I don't know if I'll ever come face to face with a literary agent but just in case I think it's time for me to put together a query letter.

Time to dig out my recipe for chili.

Apple juice + cinnamon + cloves + mint + a bit of sugar is simmering nicely now. I find it makes a remarkably pleasant beverage whether served hot or cold.

I've been getting up quite a bit earlier these past few mornings. My body clock just sort of clicks over around 04:30, says 'you've had enough sleep now get up' and that's that. Te good news is I get quite a bit more done during the day.

Visited a friend and her baby today. Baby's first word - 'No'.

Defaults are fine but if I was the designer I'd include an option for explicit definition of variable types in Python. Sometimes what you get and what you want are different.

@dick_turpin Personally I think British politics is better than Game of Thrones.

I installed and started learning Python this past weekend. Coming as I do from a PL/1 background it requires a different mindset.

Food Basics has a sale on 10kg bags of flour and I'm fairly good at baking. The only problem is the more I bake, the more I eat and those calories add up.

I came across an interactive scatter graph for post-secondary institutions in the US comparing tuition cost vs 20 year return. It turns out if you want to do really well economically, enroll in a military college of some sort.

Netflix this, Amazon Prime Video that, I think I'll continue to just pick up the occasional DVD from the public library.