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Doug Lewars @Douglewars

I don't know much about fire alarms but I do know, at least with the old-fashioned kind, you pull a switch which completes a circuit and starts the thing going. Fortunately, I'm a writer of fiction so in my world, if some water got under the cover, a false alarm might be generated. My protagonist needed a diversion so that's the way it will be.

Overcooked spiral noodles in tomato soup with pudding for dessert makes an unusual but rather satisfying breakfast.

Having had a tooth removed, I'm on a soft diet. Boost is tasty but not filling. I think it's time to make pudding - lots and lots of pudding.

All the public teachers in Ontario are on strike today. They never went on strike when I was going to school. I think I was ripped off.

There's been a lot of buzz about the musical 'Hamilton'. I'm sure it's a perfectly nice place to visit and some might even enjoy living there but a musical?

Someone from my dentist's office called to day to remind me of my appointment on Monday and to move it forward to this coming Friday. She is trying to be helpful but somehow I'm not so sure I care for the whole idea.

I'm feeling ambitious. I finished my writing objective early today.

Lots of sun although a bit chilly. It was a good day for a walk but there were a few places where ice had melted on the sidewalk and refrozen. Those can be dangerous.

According to, today is national almond day. Maybe that means we're allowed to indulge in almond flour chocolate chip cookies.

Sun 16Feb2020

Lesson learned the hard way: Inexpensive flash drives are painfully slow.

Today I made an appointment to get a tooth removed. This is not something I'm looking forward to.

Here in Ontario the teachers are striking a couple of days each week. Yesterday was one of those days but it seemed a goodly number were picketing a medical building as opposed to a school. They were walking up and down Hurontario with no school in sight. Maybe they're a little unclear on the concept.

As I sat down at my computer, I heard the sound of a car engine revving as the driver tore down the street. It snowed last night. The street is still slippery. I sometimes wonder what these people are thinking - or if they think at all.

I have a large pot of stew bubbling away on the stove and frankly it's starting to smell pretty good.

Sun. Apr 9

Every so often some Microsoft maintenance arrives. Usually it adds about 10 minutes to the reboot so it's no big deal. A couple of days ago, some appeared. I could have applied it overnight but figured it would be pretty quick so did it right away. It took an hour and forty minutes. That was quite some maintenance.

If you freeze cheese, it seems crumbly when you first defrost it. That's not a bad thing if you want to sprinkle it on pizza and don't feel like grating.

I'm attempting to improve my posture by placing a board at the back of my chair. It may help my posture but it doesn't do a lot for my vertebra.

Just came in from the cold. Cold fingers reduces keying speed by about 50%.

My computer used to bluescreen about 3 times a week. Now it's very infrequent. Maybe Microsoft does look at those dumps after all.

So here we are, Monday February 3rd, the day after groundhog day. The critter promised spring and it's supposed to hit six degrees today. I wonder what sort of treats they give groundhogs for good reporting.