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Doug Lewars @Douglewars

Productive day so far. I added 3k words to my WIP, organized my editing folder and edited ten pages. Now I think it's time for a nap.

Sometimes pay attention to your own gestures. You can use them to help define a character.

That was a struggle. I installed a new printer today and it didn't seem to want to be installed. It took much of the morning to find and fix the problem.

It's hot chocolate weather today.

Planned: Write and edit
Actual: Make emergency repairs to bathroom plumbing.

The old dog has chewed on her last bone. No, she's very much alive. It's just the vet had to remove all her teeth.

Wearing a mask in winter is a challenge if your nose happens to run a lot in cold weather.

Hot of the e-press:

I finally go around to publishing this. It's the fourth volume in my 'Tales of the Midworld' series.

One more scene to go and my WIP becomes Work-Waiting-to-be-Edited. Plus I've finished my plot outline for the next one so I can get a fast start on it.

The worst thing about this pandemic is not being able to see my grand nephews and nieces.

Cold temperatures but a bright blue sky. Hot chocolate goes down well on a day like today.

Did some meal planning and then bought a LOT of food today. If all goes well I won't need to set foot in a store for the next four weeks.

@arjaybe How nice. You must live somewhere warm. Also, thanks for your comment. I was beginning to think I was the last remaining person on this instance.

'Extreme cold weather alert' was the message on the radio this morning so, for my walk, I wore extra layers, my parka up, and three scarves wrapped around my head. I almost cooked.

It's a really bad idea to sneeze while wearing a mask.

Today was one of those days when the story seemed to write itself. I live for these days.

All these chores, so little time? How about, all these chores, so little inclination to do them.

For a while I'm on a soft food diet. How I long for a steak.

Yesterday I assembled material for one scene and by the time I finished I think I have enough material for a novella.